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xxSOLDAT 1.6.7rc1 ready for testing!

April 20, 2014, 12:33:39 pm by Shoozza | Views: 754 | Comments: 28

Ah finally! We are so close to the 1.6.7 release, just this one release candidate (hopefully) and we are ready for the final release!

You will notice some minor improvements in the installer which are not in the changelog.
I still need to figure out why some people cannot apply the patch though.
So if you have issues with that, please contact me via irc on #soldat.devs.

Please note that this patch is only for 1.6.6 (as the real update will be for 1.6.6).
So you cannot update the beta client and server (you can try to install a temporary version of 1.6.6 and apply the update - to see if the patch works).
There will be no patch for 1.6.7rc1 -> 1.6.7 so don't update your real game yet.

Have fun testing!

Soldat changelogs:

* GAME VERSION 1.6.7rc1 *
- Modified recorded new intro**
- Modified updated the normal mode WM**
- Modified objects (flags, kits, loose guns) are pushed ~14% more by

thumbupSOLDAT 1.6.7b2 public beta ready for testing!

March 23, 2014, 03:16:07 pm by Shoozza | Views: 1775 | Comments: 53

Hello Community!

Here is yet another beta for you: Soldat 1.6.7b2.

If you already installed the first beta please run Soldat and check if the updater works.

Please also read the 1.6.7b1 release post for more information.

Test and let us know what you think and if there are more new bugs in this release.
Happy testing!

Soldat 1.6.7b2 changelog:
- Modified updated the realistic WM**
- Modified normal mode WM with radical changes because this release wasn't controversial enough**
- Modified the lobby's player count column to not include bots
- Modified bullets to now take into account the weapons' BulletPush when pushing objects (flags, kits, loose guns)
- Fixed bullets could only push one object (flags, kits, loose guns) at once
- Fixed bullets could push an object (flags, kits, loose guns) multiple times in an instant, giving huge push
- Fixed vote map/kick menus not being interactable

xxSOLDAT 1.6.7b1 public beta ready for testing!

February 16, 2014, 01:20:07 pm by Shoozza | Views: 3131 | Comments: 49

Hello Soldaters!

I'm back on the forums and I have something for you: Soldat 1.6.7b1.

This hopefully fixes the issues the climbing community had with 1.6.6.

There are also some new features like background polys (see the devlogs for info)
Download this map and see how they work:

If you want to create your own map with background polys check out the new PolyWorks which adds support for them:

Please test and let us know what you think and if there are new bugs.
Happy testing!

Soldat 1.6.7b1 changelog:
- Added new background polygon types: "Background" and "Background Transition"
- Added visualization of the player's MovementAcc by scaling the cursor
- Modified removed TeamSpeak 2 support
- Modified vertical jumps by making it easier to do smaller jumps by letting go early
- Modified p

xxRealistic Soldat Scene Announcement!

February 05, 2014, 01:16:58 pm by Furai | Views: 830 | Comments: 2, the new home of Realistic Soldat!figures...

Realistic scene had several twists recently, so i feel like we need to sort a few things out. We had started RealisticUnited initiative few months ago, but due to various factors it was difficult to mantain it with the proper spirit (sudden forced inactivity, technical difficulties, bad timing etc.). As some of you know Leo is back along with his LRS servers. This gives us the perfect opportunity to combine our powers and create the community that has it all.
Welcome to LRS 2.0 - now known as RealisticSoldat! Has it all, as in what exactly? Obviously all the goodies that LRS provided throughout the years - good quality servers, statistics, community page, IRC channel(#lrs) with its gather bot (soon to come). The addition to all that...

xxSCTFL24 sign ups are open!

February 02, 2014, 11:38:37 am by Furai | Views: 913 | Comments: 3

Sign-ups for the 24th season of Soldat's most popular CTF league are now officially open! If you want to join the fun, read this post to find out how to register your clan.

The date for the official start of the season is Saturday, 22 February 2014, which is three weeks from today.

This season's ban list and punishments as well as the official tiebreaker map and the custom map(s) will be known in the upcoming days.
The official SCTFL 24 rules will be posted before the season starts.

Our dear friend Kenix has decided to retire from the staff this season. We'd like to thank him for his many contributions over the years and for his commitment to improving and maintaining the quality of SCTFL.
Good luck in real life mate!

Thus, your friendly neighborhood SCTFL sta...

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