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xxDevelopment News (2nd October '19)

October 02, 2019, 09:13:44 am by Kenix | Views: 1187 | Comments: 18

Dear Soldat friends,

It's that time of the year again. Today we present you with the tastiest bits from the world of Soldat Development. What? Development? Yes, you've heard that right. We know it has been a while since more information regarding the upcoming Steam release has been announced. What we want to give you today is an overview over the biggest features our developers are working on right now. Prepare yourself, because what you are about to read is nothing short of pure awesomeness.

New Features

#1 New demo system
We will get a new demo system, that comes with a bunch of great benefits:
? The local position will be recorded at a higher frequency. The result is a better and more precise depiction of the players and much better demo quality
? The crosshair will be rendered for the viewed player....

xxDevlog update (2018-12-21) Release date postponed

December 21, 2018, 02:27:06 pm by helloer | Views: 4547 | Comments: 28

Unfortunately, the planned steam release at the end of the year will not take place. We are lagging behind due to the slow pace of work.

A new, specific release date will be announced at the beginning of February. We apologize to all those who have been waiting, we are almost at the finish line but we need some time to complete the whole thing.

We still have to finish:
- New GUI (backend is almost complete and frontend is in the works) and its integration with the game. Soon we will show you how it will look like.
- Steam integration (should be completed by the end of the year)
- Release infrastructure
- Alpha/Beta tests
and a few other minor things.

# Changes in the team

Due to the long inactivity, darDar has been removed from the Creative Team lead position and we are currently looking for his replacement.

# Maps Revamp put on hold

We have decided to put on hold Monsteri's maps r...

xxDevlog update (2018-10-02) Steam Store & Patreon

October 02, 2018, 08:25:51 am by helloer | Views: 5703 | Comments: 22


Steam Store

As many of you already know, Soldat has appeared on the Steam Store - Please remember to follow the store page and add it to wishlist.

Soldat on Steam will be free with all paid features known from 1.7.1. In the future, we may add a paid DLC as a way to support the game.

The release date is set to 2018, most likely it will be late December. We will cover the topic of steam integration in the next devlogs.

Due to many requests from the community, we decided to start accepting donations. From now on you can support us through patreon -

The money will go to:

    Contributors - depending on the amount of work they have put in.
    Prizes for contests and tours.
    Advertisement for the game.
    Other expenses such as hosting costs or other fees.

It's up t...

exclamationSoldat Steam Cup announcement + sign ups!

August 14, 2018, 06:11:20 pm by darDar | Views: 1580 | Comments: 0



We're glad to announce the Soldat Steam Cup. This is a little clan tournament that we hope can both help to fill the time before our long-awaited Steam release & also reinvigorate the clan scene a little bit ? so that SCTFL30 (!) won't be coming in completely cold. Read this post for information regarding clan registration.

Here are some of the main points of this cup:

-All matches are 3v3 CTF and will use sctfl server settings
-Max 5 players per clan
-First round is a single round robin group stage. All teams must play every team in their assigned group. Seeding will be determined by overall points, then by cap differential. Win is 3 points, tie is 1 point, loss is 0 points.
-Top teams of each group will advance to a single elimination playoff bracket.
-Sign-ups will last for 2 weeks. All group stage matches must be com

xxNew Dev Team replacing Shoozza

June 04, 2018, 05:36:38 am by Michal Marcinkowski | Views: 6832 | Comments: 48

We are trying to move quickly now after Shoozza stepping down from the lead dev position (

I assembled a team which will take on the position of continuing Soldat development. Hopefully in a more rapid and exciting pace. The new team is:

Dev leads: helloer + urraka
Creative lead: darDar
Community/PR: nosejj
Project owner/business: MM
Backend/support: furai + jrgp

We are looking for more people so if you want to help, please contact anyone from the core team about it.

helloer will probably announce detailed plans for what's coming. I can just say now, that the Steam release is still number 1 priority.

Thank you Gregor for your time and patience.
Everyone, please be nice. Not only to Shoozza but to everyone involved in the development. Remember that Soldat is a non-profit endeavour and everyone does...

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