The Official Soldat Forums Rules and Guidelines

This is a general list of the rules you should follow when posting here on the Soldat forums. Each portion of the list will be explained in more detail below.
  1. Be considerate and use common sense! This is not a place to bash and flame others.
  2. No starhunting or spamming.
  3. Post all questions, problems and suggestions in their proper areas on the forums.
  4. Forum games are allowed, but under specific rules.
  5. Do not post cheats or hacks here!
  6. Post in English only.
  7. No warez/piracy discussion.
  8. Avatars and Signature images must be no larger than 20kb and 90x90 pixels for avatars, and 300x125 pixels for signatures.
  9. Inappropriate or objectionable material will be removed; this forum is not adult oriented. Excessive abuse will lead to punishment.

Be considerate! Use common sense!

Generally, avoid the following and you'll be peachy-keen:

  1. over-abundant swearing
  2. directed abuse
  3. spam. All of your posts should contribute to the thread. If you don't think your post contributes, don't post.
  4. consecutive disregard for forum rules
  5. racism

Punishment for all of the above (and more when we think of it) is as follows, starting at 1 and ending at 4 for each violation of forum rules made:

  1. Warning (via PM and in topic violation of rules took place) with possible post-count removal - minimum 100.
  2. Second Warning (as above)
  3. A 2 day ban.
  4. Permanant Ban.

And the ban is permanent! No joke! Some situations are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Don't argue with us, we don't like that.


Short and sweet: spamming is not allowed. If what you're about to post doesn't contribute directly to the topic of the thread, then it is spam. It won't go unnoticed, and who really wants to clutter the forums, anyway?

You can revive a topic if you've got an on-topic post that actually contributes something. You can't just post in an old topic to say "lol." Reviving it to ask an on-topic question is fine. Reviving it to give feedback/something of actual use is fine. Posting to advertise something is not.

In general common sense is enough. If it isn't, you'll learn from the warnings and bans you get.

Post all questions, problems and suggestions in their respective area of the forums.

This means, keep your non-Soldat related topics to the Lounge. The Lounge is there for serious off-topic stuff, even of the hilarious type.

Forum Games

Games should only be in the Lounge, must not interfere with the rest of the forums, and shouldn't be designed to generate spam, stupidity, or endless posts for the sake of posts. For example, endless quote trains and games such as "Whoever posts the most wins!" and "Post the most useless map in the mapping forum to win!" will not be allowed.

Furthermore, use common sense when posting in games threads. Any posts that don't follow the rules of the game or aren't directly related to conversation about the game will be treated as spam.

Do not post cheats, hacks or cracks here!

Do not post cheats for soldat, links to cheating sites or ask for cheats. Don't even try to justify the modification of soldat in unauthorised manners. Keep in mind this is the Official forums for the entire game, we do not condone anything of the sort. In fact, if you even use hacks in the game, just get out.

Do not post to tell us about some encounter with a hacker, and do not name any hackers, hacks, or say anything about details. We know hacks exists, and the people who can are doing things to bring hacking to an end.

Any members doing the above will be banned from the forum. Forever! Any members found to be affiliated with any hacking groups will be immediately banned.

Post in English only!

Posts should be in English only. Non-English posts will be removed. If a message is unreadable due to spelling and / or grammar, it may be removed. We don't ask you to be a 'Spelling Bee' champion, or an English Major, only that you post messages that are legible. This means no spanish, latin, binary, hexadecimal, or whatever gibberish you want to invent on the spot.

Avatars, Signatures, and other Images/Content.


  1. (images below your name in the forum) should be no larger than 50kB and 90x90. No BMPs are allowed.


  1. For signatures, you are allowed only one image in your signature which may not be wider and taller than 300 and 125 pixels, and may not be over 20kB in file size. No BMPs are allowed.

  2. For text in your signature, you may not have more than 4 lines of text anywhere in the signature, and each line may not be wider than 70 characters.  Text may not be of a larger size than the default.

  3. A signature may consist of both text and an image, but in this case, text may not consist of more than 2 lines, and 43 characters in length. The text in question should be aligned directly above/below the image to keep your signature small.

  4. New: You may have up to 3 separate userbars in your signature, as long as they're each no taller than 20px  and in total their size is less than 20KB, just like any other signature.  The userbars may not be wider than 400px.  When you use any userbars, you may only have 1 line of text no wider than 100chars.

  5. We do not allow the use of animated images in your sig, it really detracts from the posts, which should be a persons main focus.  If we find your avatar or signature particularly distracting for any reason, we may ask you to remove it.

  6. If we come across broken images we will usually remove the entire sig. It's your responsibilty to ensure images are loading properly, not ours.

  7. Affiliate links of any kind are NOT permitted (i.e. PayPal, Outwar, etc.).

  8. Also, no image macros are allowed. Image Macros/'Funny' pictures are not allowed here.

  9. Members not complying with the signature rules will have their signature or avatar removed, and a warning will be issued. If they replace the images again, or break the signature or avatar rules again, then they will issued a temporary vacation away from the forums.

  10. Please use forum code to keep signatures nice and short.

  11. These signature and avatar rules are guidelines.  They all ultimately come down to the staff's discretion.  Don't argue with us about them, we still don't like that.

Personal Text

This is text that appears under your avatar. You can alter it on your own to say your nickname on the old forums, your current nickname in game, or any crafty (but very short) phrase that you particularly like. Inappropriate or lengthy messages will be deleted at the Administrator's good feeling.