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Title: Mapping Forum Rules - Read Before Posting
Post by: grand_diablo on April 16, 2006, 05:56:16 am
Rules for posting new maps

1. Post at least an overview screenshot. (In ctf, inf and htf maps overview should show player and flag spawn placements.)

2. ALWAYS put the map's gamestyle at the beginning of the title.

CTF = Capture the flag
HTF = Hold the flag
INF = Infiltration
DM = Deathmatch modes
TDM = Teammatch
KZ = Climbing map
RCE = Race map
DB = Dodgeball map
TW = Trenchwar map
LAW = Law Catch Map
MPK = Mappack (collection of maps)
VAR = Various (some very special gametype, like skijumping, Soldat-soccer,...)

If you are posting a map in more than one gamestyle, write both.
After the gamestyle tag add the map's name, and after that you can add a little comment if you wish.


One map, one gamestyle:
CTF Outline
DM GreenHell - my first map
INF Warehouse2 - waypointer needed
MPK Ubermapper's Mappack with 99 maps!

One map, more gamestyles:
INF DM Darkveg
CTF INF Omoloo - Stoneage Theme!

3. If the map is WIP (Work in progress), post it in to the Mapping Ideas/General Discussions forum. Only almost finished and finished map should be posted in the New Maps section.

4. DON'T steal someone's map or resources. Give them credit. If you want to improve it, get their permission, or create a tribute map.

5. Say whether a map is waypointed or not.

6. Make sure you post in the correct forum. Ctf/Inf is only for maps that can be played as normal Ctf or Inf. This means only Ctf, Inf, and Tw maps go here. Anything else goes in the Dm/Htf/Other forum.

7. If your map consist of custom scenery/textures, you have to zip/rar it. The best format is rar file which contains directories: maps, scenery-gfx and textures (use only small letters, so it match also with linux servers). Also ensure that your map file is .PMS not .pms.

General Posting Rules

Be sure to read the The Official Soldat Forums Rules and Guidelines (, as they apply here as well.