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Title: Found b00sta/Amblin's Red Interface [REG]
Post by: MofoNofo on December 16, 2008, 08:20:45 pm
I've pretty much reformatted since the last time I played Soldat. I didn't know that I'd be playing it again, but now that I am, I wants mah old interface back. The bars are all red-to-yellow, small (about two or three pixels high) and the jet bar is vertical.

I forgot who made it, but they posted it in about three years ago or so.

So if anyone has seen this awesome interface, call me on 1300-LOST-INTERFACE, or just reply down here with a link ;D.

So. Does anyone have b00sta's Red interface?

So I went to good ol Soldat Mods Archive, and whaddaya know...


So a mod or something can close this now if you want idk maybe some newbie guy can benefit from this awesome reg interface or something.