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Title: " I/O 105 "
Post by: CyprusX on September 20, 2011, 10:03:56 am
I instal Soldat without any problems , but when I try to start it , I get an error " I/O 105 " . It allows me to properly start the game , however when I wanna start a new game , there are no bots or maps available ( the lists are empty ) And when I connect to a server , everybody stands still in their spawn locations .
I am really frustrated because I used to play soldat since 1.0.0 and every version seems to get buggier and buggier with my system .
Title: Re: " I/O 105 "
Post by: Shoozza on September 20, 2011, 11:22:45 am
Hi thanks for the feedback!

We have a bugtracker where you can report such bugs.

There is already a bug which has the I/O 105 error bug it guess your bug is different as it breaks the game completely.

I suggest you create a new bugreport.

Just create an account and give us the details there (like when the error happens and maybe a screenshot and where you installed soldat etc).
I will fix the bug when you add it to the bugtracker and when you give me enough details to be able to find out why it happens.