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Title: Zeor's Mod Dump - Two versions of ZeorMod2013, and old stuff
Post by: Zero72 on September 27, 2013, 01:45:24 pm
Hey again. As you may or may not know, I recently made a mod just for the sheer sake of making it. Well now I made another version. Please try to contain your excitement! I know it is a big deal. Here on this super active Soldat Forum. Hey kids it's me, sarcasm. Please put down the knives.

I guess I knew all along that the mod would end in a whimper, what with the whole modding section of the forum being basically dead and none of my friends having any interest left in the game either, but I guess the important thing is that I did enjoy making it, if only for old times' sake. You can still have it if you want.

The real purpose of this thread is actually to archive all of my previous mods, now that I can preserve them a bit more reliably just by attaching them all to this one big fat post! Kind of like re-releases I guess. I did make a "collection" sort of deal, but now that I'm up to five of these things, that'd be sort of a pain to download, so I'll just put them all here and you can grab what you want. Hooray! Let's get on with it. Sorry for all the pictures.

Everything is attached to this post, so downloads are all at the bottom.


ZeorMod 2013a (Old Thread) (
This is a weapons mod only. I basically just described it already; it's pretty much something I made just 'cause. Note that I can't really guarantee a very professional weapon balance, as this is my first and only mod to include modified weapon stats. But some of them are pretty fun. Didn't mod the stats on the secondary weapons, and didn't get around to touching the miscellaneous weapons. The tomahawk includes a slashing animation borrowed from my old Razor Sword one-weapon mod.
Note: If you are one of the two people who downloaded ZeorMod from the old thread, you already have this. I just changed the name 'cause of the new version.


ZeorMod 2013b (New!)
For those who, like me, prefer mods that change the graphics and sounds in interesting ways while not screwing around with the game's function, this is ZeorMod: No Stats Edition, with some of the weapons replaced with less interesting but more compliant choices. Now you can enjoy Vectors and tomahawks and whatnot in ordinary play without being stuck with a crossbow that awkwardly lobs grenade rounds.


Mega Man Mod 2.5 (Old Thread) (
My attempt at making Soldat a Mega Manny experience. There are some fundamental flaws in the idea, but this mod isn't bad. This replaces all of the weapons with alike-looking but differently-colored arm cannon attachments, and also overhauls the gostek and a good number of miscellaneous sounds and graphics. Also features another modified knife animation, but this one was borrowed directly from Mecha Soldat if I recall correctly. With permission, mind. Dude was really cool about it when I repeatedly asked to borrow and/or modify his knife animations.


Cooldat! (Old Thread) (
Replaces all of the game's graphics, except the textures and scenery, with crappy MS Paint scribbles. And replaces all sound effects -- no really, all of them, except boomheadshot.wav which didn't exist at the time -- with me making mouth noises into a microphone. It really all comes together. Not gonna lie. This one's my favorite. If I left any kind of mark on the Soldat community, I want it to be this.


Goldeneye Mod
Not gonna lie about this either, this one isn't so good. Kind of a lousy note to end the thread on, really, but I figured I'd put it up here for completeness' sake. This mod is, of course, based on the wildly popular N64 shooter, and includes a bunch of authentic but really low-quality sound effects and wonky-looking, poorly scaled graphics. I always thought I might remake it some day. Naturally, I never did. But yeah, I guess I made this, so here it is in the Mod Dump.


So I guess that's it aside from a few one-off things I did which aren't even worth dredging up. ZeorMod is pprrrrobably my last hurrah, so, hey, it was fun.

Hope you find something to enjoy here. See you around.
Title: Re: Zeor's Mod Dump - Two versions of ZeorMod2013, and old stuff
Post by: L[0ne]R on February 28, 2014, 02:42:44 pm
the best weapon: "Z saber" someone tell me how he made it, please!!!
1. Download the mod
2. Look at files
3. ?
Title: Re: Zeor's Mod Dump - Two versions of ZeorMod2013, and old stuff
Post by: Drax on February 28, 2014, 05:27:50 pm
can you delete this embarrassing me replay L[One]R ?
PS thank for both...
Title: Re: Zeor's Mod Dump - Two versions of ZeorMod2013, and old stuff
Post by: L[0ne]R on March 01, 2014, 12:09:29 am
A less 'embarrassing' version:
Try searching and figuring things out on your own, rather than asking us to answer every single thing for you. You couldn't even ask a question worth answering - "How did he make it?" is as vague as it can possibly get, and the only answer to that I can give is "He made it on a computer".
Like I said, if you really want to know how this is made - download the mod and look at the files. If you're wondering how it's drawn - Google "pixel art". Or if it's something very specific that's hard to find - at least ask a more specific question.

Also it's "reply", not "replay".