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Title: Soldat Steam Cup announcement + sign ups!
Post by: darDar on August 14, 2018, 06:11:20 pm


We're glad to announce the Soldat Steam Cup. This is a little clan tournament that we hope can both help to fill the time before our long-awaited Steam release & also reinvigorate the clan scene a little bit ? so that SCTFL30 (!) won't be coming in completely cold. Read this post ( for information regarding clan registration.

Here are some of the main points of this cup:

-All matches are 3v3 CTF and will use sctfl server settings
-Max 5 players per clan
-First round is a single round robin group stage. All teams must play every team in their assigned group. Seeding will be determined by overall points, then by cap differential. Win is 3 points, tie is 1 point, loss is 0 points.
-Top teams of each group will advance to a single elimination playoff bracket.
-Sign-ups will last for 2 weeks. All group stage matches must be completed by a TBD date, tentatively Sept. 14th

A full version of the rules ( is available, but may be subject to revision between the time of this announcement and the end of the sign-up period. Note that the format and timeframe of the cup in particular may be adjusted according to the turnout we're met with. SSC sign-ups will close on Wednesday, August 29th at 12:00 gmt+0. Creation of the groups and the group stage itself will commence a few days thereafter.

This cup is officially being run under SCTFL, but we have some help this time around. The administrators for this cup (known as Event Staff) are as follows: ricr, D4sh, shredder, and Coco.

I hope to see you all playing soon!"

- original post by ricr on (

Sign-Up: Click here to sign up! (

#steam_cup_info on Discord: (join #steam_cup_chat for cup-related chat)