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Title: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: Aeronic on July 01, 2020, 01:17:50 pm

Both CTF & HNS versions of Blood are currently available on Midgard's servers now!


Not a fan of spamfests, ctf_Blood is an attempt to increase the dimensions of how modern CTF is played, without rocking the boat (too much)...  Intended as a sort of return to some of the great maps I remember, but with some twists as well. 

My objectives while making the map:
Note: waypoints are implemented but with updates bots cannot cap, and there are some critical issues.  The movement demands of this map are a bit too much for the pathing options available :)


DOWNLOAD (;topic=45537.0;attach=34276)

You can also find this map on the steam workshop here (, and view the changelog here ( 


Shoutouts to:

Ghost for putting it up on Midgard, helping me find feedback, and dealing with some problems on my end.  :-*  :-*  :-*

Haste for tips on improving textures

Rusty for encouraging use of so-called zero-pixel-polys

homerofgods for ongoing feedback and many suggestions on gameplay and visuals

Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: Savage on July 01, 2020, 02:17:45 pm
Beautiful map :)
Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: soldat-game on July 01, 2020, 02:28:31 pm
this vertical light pole is a nice idea but it doesn't fit in with other elements with light.
Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: Aeronic on July 06, 2020, 04:26:27 pm
I have to admit, I had grander plans for the lighting.  It just got to a point where I didn't want to clutter things too much or change the aesthetic - I'd gotten used to it and thought it looked fine. 

Given I was mainly concerned with how the map plays, I simply left it in for the time being.  I think it's only going to be a concern if players think it's too distracting or otherwise interferes with gameplay. 

Thanks for the feedback though
Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: homerofgods on July 08, 2020, 08:54:01 am
Really nice! I tested the ctf map. Love the .gif nades, bouncy polygons and the dead bodies.
1. I don't see the middle statue. Check again what scenery is back/front. I generally play with background scenery off and have noticed a bunch of maps that should have double-checked this.
2. The middle triangle thing shows as a white square for me. Missing scenery?
3. Texture looks stretched at some places. I don't know if it is possible to fix or do better:
4. Hard edged polygons. Maybe it's possible to make the texture go through several polys in a better way?
Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: Aeronic on July 08, 2020, 07:34:23 pm
Ugh, I had an issue where I had to replace that "missing" scenery file and I named it incorrectly.  Thanks for pointing this out, other feedback I'd seen showed other people must have still been using the old graphic!

I've replaced the attachment and adjusted the download link accordingly, but if you've already downloaded the map you can simply rename ay-crystal to ay_crystal and you should be good to go. 

As for the other issues:

1. The only people who've had difficulty seeing the statue in the past in my experience had animated scenery or background scenery disabled.  It's not animated, but it is background.  I didn't realise this would be a problem when making the map, and will make sure all necessary scenery files are not set to be in the back in the next revision.  It looks like you're missing some other key graphics, too. 

3. As for the uneven texturing, I didn't even think anyone would bother to notice, but you're right.  I will improve that in a future revision. 

4. Could you describe what you mean in more detail?  Those platforms on either side of the missing graphic crystal should simply have higher poly count to make them look better? 
Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: Aeronic on July 09, 2020, 08:28:05 am
I've made some further changes, hopefully doing enough to address your concerns. 

Scenery instances are now properly set so that people who have disabled background scenery from loading will be able to see all important ones, and can now actually be able to properly play the map. 

There are some other tweaks and fixes as well, e.g. some minor poly adjustments, adding nades to roof of the top route, etc.. 

Copied the alterations over to the hns version, too. 

Let me know how it turns out :)
Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: homerofgods on October 11, 2020, 12:56:52 pm
That middle statue is the coolest thing I've seen in Soldat in a while :) (
We have this statue where I work btw (Colosseum Cinema) (

If I wanted to give further feedback this might be it:
1.Make the ground lighter perhaps to get more contrast between the awsum background and the ground you're walking on
2.Make the slope on each side slippery so that you can slide over to the other side. You can even do some visuals on that (maybe some toxic waste or sewers leaking out of some pipes on each side)
Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: Aeronic on October 26, 2020, 03:55:58 pm
(New version uploaded)

Hey, thanks for the further feedback.  Cool statue :)  I'd already thought of colouring the ramp area, it needed that so good spot.  I've also included your suggestion for the icy polys, seems like something good for the HNS version even if it proves too fast for CTF, but it's there in both for now. 

I never felt comfortable with how the middle area of the map was in the first release version.  Had some time recently, so I've made some big changes, greatly opening the map up, and I think it plays a lot better as a result so far. 

There are numerous other tweaks, including not being able to walk through the pipe on the forward spawn locations, visual changes, improved waypoints, etc.. 

Check it out ;)
Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: Aeronic on October 31, 2020, 02:58:24 am
Another smaller update. 

Mostly includes visual enhancements, but also some bug fixes and minor tweaks as well.  The HNS version is further diverged from the CTF map, with a couple of jump pads further increasing movement opportunities in the bases, and a bloody waterfall in the middle of the map because why not (credit: Crasher's Junglefall map). 
Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: Aeronic on March 18, 2021, 12:06:05 am
Update: v1.0 released. 

* Texture resolution is much improved (thanks Haste)

* Improved ice slides on the bottom route

* Various visual fixes and improvements
Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: homerofgods on April 07, 2021, 04:19:14 am





Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: Aeronic on April 09, 2021, 03:02:54 pm
Hey again, thank you for the feedback!

You've inspired me to make it better yet again.  Hopefully I've addressed most of your queries and then some ;p

One thing though: I know the "slippery blood" is a unique thing for this map, but I don't have any better ideas that wouldn't disturb the visual theme.  I'm all ears for suggestions, but hoping it shouldn't take long for people to get the idea and that it's consistent at least within the map itself. 

See top post for new version, visual changelog below.

Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: Aeronic on October 31, 2021, 08:02:01 am
Another lockdown, another update.  I feel the new changes better reflect how I'd like the map to play, particularly around bases.  See top post to download. 


1.4 - 1.7.4
* major change to player spawn location: both teams now always spawn in a new room located behind their flag
* spawn room jump pads allow players to get out of spawn quickly by using one-way-through polys
* opened hole in front defensements to allow more routing possibilities
* removed some scenery, and where necessary corresponding colliders
* removed scenery files, including most instructive graphics - ugly and unnecessary.  Also lowers download size
* changed 0pixel polys to work throughout the entire rope; added ropes to top route (grenade gfx removed from ropes)
* added hole in the floor of the murder holes above the entrances to the low routes, through which grenades can be thrown
* added anti-flag/flag carrier polys in the low-mid base entrances; as an attempt to slow flag escapees by forcing either a skillcheck or seeking another route
* lowered maximum jet fuel amount from 170 to 130
* added hidden polys to golden statue area so that it may be visible on minimap (F3)
* changed some grenade spawn locations
* minor poly fixes & improvements
* minor visual & readability improvements
Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: homerofgods on December 22, 2021, 02:17:08 pm
Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: Aeronic on May 23, 2022, 06:24:30 pm
v1.8.0 - NOW WITH MORE BLOOD Edition!
* the map has received a major visual overhaul, particularly to the top path
* minor tweaks to the top path's route
* made player-passable polys partially see-through.  Darkish channels show roughly where players can move through.  Should vastly improve readability of gameplay in a part of the map where it's very important to know what's going on
* blood god statue now heals player upon touch
* easter egg installed

download here (http://";topic=45537.0;attach=34276"), or in the top post. 
Title: Re: [CTF] Blood for the Blood God
Post by: homerofgods on June 04, 2022, 08:09:02 am
uuuuuh 💗