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I decided to create this topic when I saw all of those threads that die after a couple of days, just showing a site/game/video. So to keep things organized, please post all good links in here.
Some articles or educational websites are also welcome.
If you have an interesting link to share and you want to start a discussion about it in a topic, that's fine. However, if you're just going to post the link, use this topic.

No links to sites with porn, hacks/cracks, ... (use common sense please!)

I will lock any threads that should have been posted in this topic.

Brick came to say:
'ello friends.  I'm also going to make a list right here of links to other threads in the lounge which may give you great pleasure and amusement.
http://forums.soldat.pl/index.php?topic=517.0 - Free Games Thread

What I'm currently working on.

my free online game site: www.jrgp.org

I like your new site Skurrrr :)

Atomic Hype:
skurrrrr :E


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