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Most stupid votes against you

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Tell us the worst votes that have ever been casted against you!

Mine were:

"Killed me 2 times"  Got me kicked
"Nazi" (you have to know, that was when my name still had [GER] the end) Didn't get me kicked
"Knife Killer"  Got me kicked
"Sniper" (In Trenchwar) Didn't get me kicked
"Motherfucker" (From NOTHING! No argument or something, just from nothing) Didn'd get me kicked
"Spawner" (after one spawnkill because I had no choice) Didn't get me kicked
"LAW Lucker" Got me kicked
And of course about 20 "Hacker!" votes for being good.....

I've been voted for:
- hax!! <very often>
- noob <usually when i killed someone with knife... i've seen that situation today too. >
- "huj" <polish ... translated as 'dick' ; once a week? >
- lame saw <when the whole server sux, i turn the zombiemode-on :D some ppl couldn't handle this>

I was voted when:

-In mine m79 era: "m79 NOOB!"  i got kicked 20% of times

-Spawn kill by accident: "Fucking spawn killer" i only did that one time! and by aciddent!

-When im pwn with ruger: "AIM HAXOR OMG KICK" no comment, i dont get kicked but it pisses me off ppl thinking im hacking just because im playing good

-When Portugal beaten England on WC 2006: "Portuguese cheater! All are!" by a england guy

And the most stupid of them all:
-I killed a guy: "He killed me!" i was kicked  [fist]

Commander Kitsune:
"Said hi"- Annoyed me, didn't get kicked.
"Is too good"- Happened to me late at night on U13 once. didn't get kicked
"Inf jet haxx"- I was on a poly that was slightly sticking out of the wall and jumping up while jet refuels, didn't get kicked
"Spawner"- I admit I've spawned :(, but this was when I was semi-camping outside of alpha's base in abel. Didnt get kicked
"Barret aim hax"- A long time ago whe I used barrett, didn't get kicked.
"Pringle hax"- Inside joke between me and Toumaz, someone actually thought I was really hacking:). Didn't get kicked

I've had many people accuse me of hacking, but didn't bother to vote. The best was probably when I was in abel sniping the campers in that space in bravo, I held the mouse perfectly straight for 3 shots and was accused of aim hacks.

"Kamper Kicker" retards should be banned - from the gene-pool  [ban].
Seriously, if it were the D-Day assault they would be running around screaming "Ohmigoodness the Gurmans R Campers, N00BZ!!?!1! >:("
Same for the "Knife-Killers" and such. There is nothing wrong with hanging around your flag while it is being assaulted constantly. Its not that hard to hit the camper as he is normally in the prone position, thus almost completely imobile.
I do draw the line at people who camp at blindspots outside of enemy camps so no one on the other side can get through without getting hit by snipers.

All in all: Kick abusers are RETARDED.


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