Author Topic: [FREE SERVER] selfkillservers for free :DD  (Read 968 times)

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[FREE SERVER] selfkillservers for free :DD
« on: February 21, 2007, 04:51:55 pm »
Dear Community, wants to announce a specail offer for you:
You can test your gameserver for free!
All what you have to do is to order your gameserver on You'll receive immediately your login-data via eMail. The first day you'll have to pay the server is the 01.03.07! So if you want to use the server longer than until the end of the month, just pay the bill in the attachement which you have received after ordering.
If you don't like the server - what we don't expect - you don't have to do anything (no unregister, no cancel) the server will shut down automatically.

Who don't want to have the feeling of owning a selfkill-server? This offer is especially for those who don't like all these ordering stuff and forms.
We would just say: "Test first, pay after"

Have Fun wishes you your crew and the support-team
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