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Soldat server tutorial for linux

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Soldat Server Tutorial on Linux

Ok, I'll explain how to succesfully download, install, configure and run a soldat server under linux using command line mode (remote SSH or a terminal).

Step I - Creating a directory and downloading the zip

// Create the directory

mar77a@scarecrow:~$ mkdir solserver

// Move to it

mar77a@scarecrow:~$ cd solserver

// Download the soldatserver zip
// Check for the latest version

mar77a@scarecrow:~/solserver$ wget
           => `'
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 2,813,544 (2.7M) [application/zip]

100%[====================================>] 2,813,544     --.--K/s

14:16:09 (52.65 MB/s) - `' saved [2813544/2813544]


//Check that it's there

mar77a@scarecrow:~/solserver$ ls -l
total 2404
-rw-r--r-- 1 mar77a mar77a 2455679 2006-10-30 17:48

Step II - Unzipping and Configuring

// Using unzip

mar77a@scarecrow:~/solserver$ unzip
   creating: anims/
  inflating: anims/barret.poa
  inflating: anims/bezbroni.poa
  inflating: anims/biega.poa
  inflating: anims/biegaranny.poa
  inflating: anims/biegatyl.poa
  inflating: anims/bije.poa
  inflating: anims/celuje.poa
  inflating: anims/celujeodrzut.poa
  inflating: anims/change.poa
  inflating: anims/chat.poa
  inflating: objects/para.po
  inflating: objects/stat.po
  inflating: readme.txt
 extracting: remote.txt
   creating: scenery-gfx/
   creating: scripts/
  inflating: scripts/AdminCore.pas
  inflating: scripts/Core.pas
  inflating: scripts/Includes.txt
  inflating: scripts/NetworkCore.pas
  inflating: server.ini
  inflating: serverscript
  inflating: soldat.ini
  inflating: soldatserver
  inflating: soldatserver.exe
   creating: textures/
  inflating: weapons.ini
  inflating: weapons121.ini

// Check that all files and directories were inflated

mar77a@scarecrow:~/solserver$ ls
anims        lobby_servers.txt  objects      scripts       soldatserver         weapons121.ini
banned.txt   logs               readme.txt   server.ini  weapons.ini
bots         maps               remote.txt   serverscript  soldatserver.exe
Changes.txt  mapslist.txt       scenery-gfx  soldat.ini    textures

// Now configure the .ini files and mapslist

Use your favourite plain text editor (nano,vi,etc) to edit soldat.ini, server.ini, weapons.ini & mapslist.txt .
Here's a page with the description of each line in the file soldat.ini

Step III - Running the server!

// We give the right permissions to the files

mar77a@scarecrow:~/solserver$ chmod +x soldatserver
mar77a@scarecrow:~/solserver$ chmod -R 0777 logs

// We run the server; there are many ways:

// Way I: Standard, useful for debugging if the server isn't working

mar77a@scarecrow:~/solserver$ ./soldatserver

             -= Soldat Dedicated Server 1.3.1 - BETA 2.6.3 =-

       Caution! This software is still in BETA phase.
         Soldat Dedicated Server initializing...

   Need help running your server?
   IRC: #soldat.servers @

   Additional parameters:
   ./soldatserver -p PORT -l MAXPLAYERS -p PASSWORD
   Example: ./soldatserver -p 23073 -l 16 -p "my pass"

 The server must be started with an Admin Password parameter to run Admin
   edit SOLDAT.INI section [Network] Admin_Password=

 Hit CTRL+C twice to exit
 Please command the server using the Soldat Admin program
Welcome to Soldat 1.3.1

  No maps list found (adding default). Please add maps in mapslist.txt

 Server name: Soldat dedicated server
 Server PID: 19665
 [*] ScriptCore v2.0 loaded! Found 1 scripts...
 [*] Compiling default -> Core.pas...
 [*] Compiling default -> NetworkCore.pas...
 [*] Compiling default -> AdminCore.pas...
 [*] Compilation Complete.
Soldat Arena One - version 2.1
 Server IP: Port: 23070
 ASE Port: 23193
 Connection for file server started. Port: 23080
Registering server @ ASE Master Server
BattlEye anti-cheat enabled
Registering server @
Game server added to lobby server @
BattlEye Server: Initialized


// Otherwise, if we want to run it in the background, we can use nohup as follows,

mar77a@scarecrow:~/solserver$ nohup ./soldatserver > /dev/null &
[1] 27800

// You can also run it using screen <- will write another time how to, or you can just google

Step IV - Shutting down the server!

// If we are running it using ./soldatserver, we hit ^C (CTRL+C)

Server Encountered an error:
Control-C hit
Shutting server...
Shutting down fileserver...

// Otherwise, if we used nohup to run it in the background, we first get it's process id (PID), and then use 'kill' to shut it down

mar77a@scarecrow:~/solserver$ ps x
 4542 ?        Ss     0:13 SCREEN
 4543 pts/2    Ss     0:00 /bin/bash
 4567 pts/2    S+     0:34 irssi
27424 ?        S      0:00 sshd: mar77a@pts/3
27425 pts/3    Ss     0:00 -bash
27800 pts/3    Sl     0:00 ./soldatserver
27841 pts/3    R+     0:00 ps x
mar77a@scarecrow:~/solserver$ kill 27800
mar77a@scarecrow:~/solserver$ ps x
 4542 ?        Ss     0:13 SCREEN
 4543 pts/2    Ss     0:00 /bin/bash
 4567 pts/2    S+     0:34 irssi
27424 ?        S      0:00 sshd: mar77a@pts/3
27425 pts/3    Ss     0:00 -bash
27845 pts/3    R+     0:00 ps x
[1]+  Exit 1                  nohup ./soldatserver >/dev/null

Step V - Admining the server

From in-game:
1. type /adminlog adminpwd
- or -
2. type /adm Soldier

// The /adminlog command will make you admin until you exit the game, if you add an admin using /adm <player>, then his/her IP will be added to remote.txt and he'll be admined until his ip changes or is removed from remote.txt

Editing remote.txt:
1. we open remote.txt and add our IP in a new line

Using a remote admin:
1. From windows:
There are many soldat server admins for windows: ARSSE & Soldat Admin 1.2 are the most popular. I suggest the second one if you just want to do simple admining and ARSSE if you want scripts and other automation tasks (like in-game commands).
2. From Linux:
- ARSSE runs fine under WINE.
- From a terminal, type:
mar77a@scarecrow:~/solserver$ echo adminpwd | netcat localhost 23073
Soldat Admin Connection Established...
Succesfully logged in.
Welcome, you are in command of the server now.
 List of commands available in the Soldat game Manual.
Server Version: 2.6.3

// Replace adminpwd with the value entered in soldat.ini, under [Network], do that same with the port if you modified its value.
// if you don't have NETCAT you can a. download it, b. replace it with TELNET (in that same command). Telnet is nasty though ;)


That's all, if you have problems such as routing, and others, make sure you read THIS GUIDE.

Updated: 2.5.4 version
Updated: 2.6.5 (jrgp)

Useful tutorial. Don't forget there is another way to run the soldatserver in the background:
./soldatserver -d

I request that this gets stickied.

Don't use kill -9, that shuts it down uncleanly.  kill <pid> should work fine in 2.5.2 or later

Very nice tutorial. :)

Im sure this will be handy for some people new to Linux.

tried logging in with netcat and it does.
I can read all details sent by server, but I can't seem to send commands to it.

btw funny how you describe how to setup a 2.5.2 server and at the end you login and it says

--- Quote ---Server Version: 2.5.3

--- End quote ---


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