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Michal Marcinkowski:
Some custom interfaces might not work properly in higher resolutions. This is because Soldat uses a trick to place the interface elements properly (interfaces are not scaled, so they don't look awful). Previously bar and amount elements were placed in an absolute position, now they are relative to their icon.

The algorithm is as follows:

Health and vest bar is placed relative to the health icon if health icon is used (size of health.bmp, greater than 1kb)
Jet bar is placed relative to jet icon if jet icon is used (size of jet.bmp greater than 1kb)
Ammo, Fire bar, weapon name and grenades amount are placed relative to the Ammo icon (ammo.bmp)

If the icon is not present (size smaller than 1kb) then the bars are located relative to the icon with most priority.

Relative position priority: Health.bmp < Jet.bmp < Ammo.bmp

So for example:

If Jet.bmp and Ammo.bmp are blank, their size is smaller than 1kb. Health icon (Health.bmp) is used for calculating the relative position for all bars. So when making the interface, align all elements using the health icon as the base.

If Jet.bmp and Ammo.bmp are present but Health.bmp is not then:
Jet bar is located relative to jet icon. Ammo related bars are located according to ammo icon.
Health and vest bar is located relative to ammo icon.

hm.. cool! thanks for letting us know:)

maybe I'm just missing something, but what part of this might break some interfaces?

Michal Marcinkowski:
For example:
Health icon and ammo icon are present. You align the jet bar according to the health icon. Now when you run Soldat the in higher resolution the interface will be messed up. You should align the jet bar according to the ammo icon in this situation (because of the priority).

thanks, i'll keep this in mind for when 1.4 finally does come out, thanks heaps..



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