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I'm New/Leaving/Back - thread for all

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Yeah. This thread is for all your going on holiday/going for good /coming back/returning after spiritual journey/back after being kidnapped from terrorists thread.

If any of the above applies to you, let us know. Because we worry about you.

(do not make your own going away / come back threads or they will be locked/removed)

edit - this thread is also now for introductions!

I'm just going to do the dishes. If i'm not back after i've done them, it means i'm busy surfing for reasons not to hate James Blunt.

(posts like these are not acceptable. You've been warned.)

So...I'll be leaving Saturday, July 1st, 2006. :D
And coming back Tuesday, July 4th. Yay!
Very short vacation trip, but either way, blah blah.
Miss you and stuff, I guess. :)

And I'm going to Iceland from June 30th until July 8th or 9th because I'm a kvlt krieger!!

Im going on vacation somewhere sometime in July!


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