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Hotmail users, please read this

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I've been getting a lot of complaints since the forum went online from hotmail users.  Apparently their e-mail servers just eat e-mails, then pass them on days later or never.

Many people registering on this site and on U13 have complained that they never get the registration e-mail, and all of them are on hotmail.  A quick google search shows that hotmail indeed is to blame for this. 

Most of you probably know that I'm pro-linux and therefore anti-microsoft, but that has absolutely no bearing on this posting or my decision to blame microsoft/hotmail (look at the google search).

"Queued mail for delivery" means that their server has properly accepted the e-mail and plans to deliver it to that user's inbox.  They're reporting this and perhaps it is true, but then the server either drops the e-mail or takes days to deliver it.

I just wanted to present to you this fair warning that if you use hotmail, you may be getting far fewer e-mails than you should.  My estimates place this number as high as 5-10% of e-mails to hotmail are not making it.

If anyone wants a g-mail invite, please feel free to e-mail me and I will immediately respond with an invite. 

I'm just stunned that someone (even microsoft) can run such a shoddy e-mail service.  Apparently this problem has been around for at least a year or two (based on the age of some of those google results), and yet they still haven't fixed it.

I'm very relieved to find out that it isn't my server configuration causing this problem, but frustrated by the fact that I can't do anything about it

If you are registering on the forums with a hotmail e-mail address, there is a good chance you will not get your activation e-mail.  To get around this: try logging in with your unactivated account, and request a new e-mail until you get one

Lapis Lazuli:
herp. Removed my email address from the public eye, as it were. No longer really necessary.

me too (I have 99 I am Never gunna use) jrgpmaster at gmail dot com

You can also get an invitation sent to you via mobile from Google:


I found no problem with my hotmail :0.

i also have yahoo,aol,and gmail,

should it be time to switch anyways?


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