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« on: May 14, 2007, 08:21:49 pm »
the tag: CB
the leader: CB oliver
clan age: we are new (one month) but we aim to be the best available
gamemode: inf and some ctf
requirements: needs to follow rules (stated below) and be at least a 6 (out of ten) or better
tryouts: contact us and we'll contact you
description: we have many snipers and we need gunners (i my self am a gunner) we havent warred yet but are planning to.

CB is a new clan and we play inf... We hope to compete with any other inf clan out there eventually.  At this moment we need any auto users, shotgunners and ruger user.  We'll accept any one who follows the 2 rules and they are as follows: #1: No using the word "noob"... that word is over used and and we find it quite stupid all together...
#2 no hacking... no exlanation needed...

If you fit the requirements and are intersted PM me or email the leader whos email is available above and we will talk...
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