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Why should I Register Soldat, and how?

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Lapis Lazuli:
Why should I register Soldat?

Soldat is fully playable without registration. However, registering Soldat gets you a few additional features that are unavailable in the free version!

Soldat's extra features include:

Custom Profiles - Gives you the ability to save custom settings in as many as you want profiles. Different profiles let you instantly access different premade settings such as: game options, setup options, server settings, player names and visuals. Makes changing options a whole lot easier.

Custom Interfaces - You can change the look, position and behaviour of the in-game interface. If you're bored with the standard Soldat interface you can easily change it. You can downloads interfaces and mods made by Soldat players here on the forums.

Custom Jet Colors - This allows you to choose a custom color for your jet flames. Hot pink flames, woohoo!

MP3 Player - Listen to your favourite MP3 tracks with the Soldat MP3 player during the game. Just copy standard 'm3u' playlist files and copy them to the 'mp3' folder. You can easily create these in any mp3 player (like Winamp). This way you can have thousands of hours of great music available to you while slaughtering other players.

Minimap - Registered players have the option to turn on or off the Soldat minimap with F2 key. The minimap shows the whole map, aswell as the position of your teammates (special indications to show who is chatting at the moment), your flag carrier and flag positions if they are in base. You won't ever again get confused after downloading a new map.

Community Recognition - Imagine showing that you support the game. As soon as you register there will be a special symbol (bright yellow star) next to your name on the scoreboard whenever you play Soldat. Thanks to this you will be an honored member of the Soldat community and everyone will know it.

How can I register Soldat?

Registering currently costs US $13.99. Non-US currency is also accepted. All payments are secure. You can pay by credit card, personal check, mail, purchase order, money order, phone/fax and PayPal. You have several registration options available.

Buy Soldat now!:
Non-US currency is also accepted. All payments are secure. Refunds available. 30 day money-back guarantee!
You can pay by credit card, personal check, mail, purchase order, money order, phone/fax, wire transfer and PayPal.

Click here to go to the Soldat registration page and get your full version in just minutes:


I registered. When will I recieve my key, and what do I do with it?

When you donate for Soldat's extra features, you will receive two things via E-Mail within 2 days of purchase:

* 1. A program that you will use to register Soldat.
* 2. Your registration key.
In order to register Soldat, you will need to extract or uncompress the Soldat registration program. When you recieve your key, enter the key into the program and click apply or okay. Registration will then be completed for you automatically. You may need to restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

I lost my registration key. What should I do?

Send an E-Mail to with suitable details about yourself, including email address, your problem, how you purchased your registration, and order id (if available). He will respond as soon as he confirms your past registration, and he will send you a new key.


This topic is a combination of several previous topics, and is meant to make finding your answer to your registration question easy. If you have any questions, feel free to post here.

what do you mean by Soldat's extra features? is it by making my own mod and donating it to you?

Lapis' post totally explains it.  he's right on the mark.. get more registered players and help MM

Question, are we to pay 9 over intervals of time like 9 per month to keep it active or 9 for just one payment? There's that question and what type of e-mail am I to get. When I tried to register, it told me to use something that wasn't a free e-mail addy and according to it's responses, that's all I have used since my first e-mail account.

Lord Frunkamunch:
Nope, just one payment of $9.


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