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Forum Rules (UPDATED. Please read.)
« on: July 03, 2006, 06:26:34 am »
Okay, I've decided to rewrite these rules to make them clearer. I'm going to put the important bits in bold, just to get the message across, but I expect everyone who posts in this forum to have read these entirely beforehand. If you've broken a rule, not reading the rules thread is not an excuse.

The Rules (Mandatory)

  • Important - Anything less than constructive criticism will result in a warning.
  • No flaming or spamming. Your posts should be related to the original topic of the thread. If other members have already posted, sending the conversation way off-topic, that does not give you an excuse to follow trend - unless you're planning on receiving a warning from a moderator.
  • If you're posting a new thread, please use the search function to see if the idea has been posted before. If you get no results, have a look through the last few pages of the forum to double-check if it hasn't been suggested recently. If you find that the idea has been posted before, please read the appropriate thread, and only if you have anything to add to the conversation should you post your thoughts in the thread and bump it back to the first page of the section.
  • Make sure your suggestion is in the right place. If you're planning on posting a suggestion related to a specific weapon, such as the amount of damage the M79 causes, post it in the Weapons Balance Discussion forum. Map suggestions should either be posted in the Mapping Help / Resources forum, or in the Soldat PolyWorks thread, respectfully. Additionally, if you have a suggestion for Michal Marcinkowski's new game, Crimson Glory, either talk about it in the news thread, or try to save it until the game is publicly released.
  • Thread titles must also be indicative of their content. For example, don't post anything titled 'BEST IDEA EVER'. Give a basic outline of your suggestion—this makes it easier for anyone looking to see if their idea has been posted before, and it makes it easier for the moderators to find topics they've read earlier.
  • "Mod it yourself"? I think not. Suggestions with changes to gosteks, weapons or animation should not have replies like this.
  • Last, but certainly not least, no vehicle suggestion threads. Michal Marcinkowski himself has told us consistently that Soldat will never have vehicles, and no number of suggestions will make him think otherwise (that is what Crimson Glory is for, hello?). Any threads found of this nature will be locked immediately, no exceptions.  See this thread for a list of other suggestions that have been mentioned and highly criticized before you post yours.

Other Guidelines (Not mandatory, but recommended)

  • If you're planning on posting anything related to maps (for example, asking to fix map bugs), it'd be a good idea to check out Soldat Polyworks. This third-party map editor by Anna is top-notch quality, and has many useful features that is most likely already accommodating any suggestions you may have.
  • It's a good idea to not post anything silly, especially if they'll have no real effect on the game. Asking for animations relating to flatulence is just fishing for spam and an eventual locking by a moderator. Keep it serious, please, and don't post something just for the sake of posting.
  • My final guideline is the most important - post your suggestion with a poll, if appropriate. This is a perfect way of indicating how popular your idea is. Also, try not to post your poll with lots of silly options - we're not trying to be funny here, we're making serious suggestions for Soldat. Making polls like this is asking for people not to take you seriously. A simple 'Yes' and 'No' will suffice.
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