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bb_vb's Waypointing Tips

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The Specialist:
Here is a tutorial that gives hints and tips of how to waypoint Soldat maps properly.  Everything was written and created completely by bb_vb.  I just posted it here.  I emailed him asking permission if I could post this here.  He gladly allowed me to do so.  The link for the tutorial is followed by the link below.

bb_vb's Waypointing Tutorial:

useful. It annoys me when people don't have waypoints, cause when I playtest a map its with bots :P

Keron Cyst:
Mm. Some of the concepts are a bit inefficient, but overall it's a great graphical guide for starters :)

nice guide ;) finaly i understand the waypointing

Nice and simple. I have problems with waypointing deathmatch maps, but this still helped me a bit.


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