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that's such a clear pic

It's Eagles, Eagles!!!


Mistercharles looks like DarkNoddy  :o

Sgt. Beaver and Bv is the shame shiat niggaz.

Note: You cry a lot. And I'm sorry I'm unable to convey sarcasm across the internet because you are not, nor do you look like a cow.

I never said anyone would be successful at getting in your e-pants. I'm positive they will try; no matter what language they speak, most heterosexual guys have one thing on their mind. YOUR VAGINA! Sadly enough it's the truth. And yes, you don't have to prove it but I'm certain that people WILL bug you no matter what you say. You could say "I'm a dude!" then people would bash you for pretending to be female. You could prove that you're a girl and then people will hit on you all the time although they will never meet you. You can say nothing and people will bug you for proof that you're female.

The point of my post wasn't to be an immature/idiotic son of a bitch, although I admit that many times I can be and I will not deny that fact.

I honestly don't care whether or not you're a girl. I'm perfectly happy with my life enough so that I don't have to go chasing girls on the internet.

My point was that no matter what you do or say you are going to face some universal prejudice REGARDLESS OF THE FACT that you are male/female/transsexual/martian JUST BECAUSE you posted something in previous official thread and this one.

Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay in the world of Soldat.


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