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Things that have been suggested and will maybe be possibly done some day

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I'm creating this list now.  As of right now, these things are in no particular order, just in the order that I'm finding them.

* Alert/notify via PM (just like e-mail) option

* Track down and fix the "can't create poll" problem done.

* Add a front page to the forums done.

* Add a "mark all read" button done.

* Test upgrading to the newest branch of SMF, see what it breaks too much

* Add "Soldat" to the dictionary done.

* Store the "don't use smilies" option

* Make "Additional Options" always be expanded by default, maybe just in forums where it is likely to be used
* find out where the bug is that occasionally corrupts unicode characters in displaynames (replaces it with the html entity) done.

* Find the bug in the news display that is making the forums invalid XHTML

* Increase the upload size limits once on the new server done.

* Add support for soldat:// and irc:// links, maybe even just as [soldat] and [irc] tags
* Have editing a post bump it on the AT page, hopefully as an option so that it can be disabled if it is abused

* Make graphs of nifty soldat forums stats that show trends over time
* Make the AT page use less queries done.

* Related to the one above, the cell padding on all the description cells on the board index could be greatly reduced to make the page smaller
* when there is a new PM, the link turns red done

* Find all posts by this member

* Have there be browse boxes for each post up to the full number of attachments

* Personal profile

* Increase attachment limits Done.

* Add a view link for image attachments, so that people can view the full image instead of just download it. done

Make a fucking front page, dnaforums stylé.

yeah, please feel free to post links to threads that I've mentioned being on this "list"

more to come.

yep was just adding that one to the list


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