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Michal Marcinkowski:
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For anyone who hasn't seen this thread:

You need to be aware that this release is of the unfinished Crimson Glory, and he will not be finishing it.  Read the thread above for more information

edit: the source of Crimson Glory has been released here:

Download ->

Features of this version:
- running, flying, using planes, guns
- complete realistic flight model
- physics with destructible planes
- particle engine
- 3d sound with doppler effects
- music
- networking works only for chatting but you'd have to play around with scripts to start server first and then join
- scripting allows a lot of modifications/additions
- night/day cycle (may not work sometimes)
- semi-intelligent bots
- in-game editor
- maps can be made/edited in DeleD
- working console with scripting and variables


--- Code: ---Crimson Glory by Michal Marcinkowski


Please read.

This is a final preview release. The development of this game will not be continued.
The author holds no responsibility for harm caused by this product.

Crimson Glory is not optimized at all. Therefore it will be slow on older systems. Fortunately there is a lot of options to speed up the graphics.

Game keys are displayed in menu [ESC] in Help section.
Console is shown using the tilda key [~].
Editor hot key [F].
Chat key [T].

List of all game variables is shown by typing "\list".
Most of the variables will require restarting the game.
Commands use "\" prefix. Script functions and variables use no prefix.

Adding bots:
type script function "addBot();" in console. Bots are most useful to add while airborn high in sky.

Config file is located in \Base\Scripts\ and \Base\Scripts\ overwrites!
If you want to change the resolution or troubleshoot checkout
If graphics do not work properly try changing v_driver = 4;, or any other number (help in


Crimson Engine by Michal Marcinkowski (c) 2005-07;
Graphics by SHEPEIRO and Snowfly;
Music by Trompkins;
To contact the author or any other team member write to: michal.marcinkowski[i]at[/i]
Get ready for MM's new game. More info on or

--- End code ---

Also thanks to Elephant Hunter for making the page.


Source code:

I'm considering releasing the full source code for the game and all assets as open source. Stay tuned.

Wow... sooner than i expected... il d/l it as soon as im finished with poker. THANKS MM!! Good luck with your future projects.

oh my god, I did not see this coming so fast. Do you plan on releasing the source code for CG as well?

3D sound sounds pretty neat. I'm going to download this now..

"This is a final preview release. The development of this game will not be continued."
I was afraid you would say that :\ Ima check it out now.

Oh well better than nothing...

Thanks *Dls*


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