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Re: Nades
« Reply #20 on: October 05, 2007, 11:18:05 am »
you have unlimited bullets, yet, with only 3 nades in disposal nades has more recorded kills than guns?
answer: "cause everyone has nades"
well 90% of gather players has knife but I dont see knife in the first 5 positions... and knife is 1 hit kill..
its overpowered..

You won't shoot forever with those, in cw/gather situations you'll shoot like 1-3 clips and you'll be dead (sad fact)

Yeaaaaah. Knife is overpowered because its 1hit kill. <lolled>
Oh, you got owned by knifer... are we supposed to feel sorry about this?

Nades aren't overpowered, they are always used by everyone.
Huh, ok, lets explain :
You'll take any weapon.
1/3 of kills are nades. (hahah just 1/3 for example - its often more xD)

6 players.
9 (i don't count minigun) weapons
ok... 3 players will take same weapon it will be the same as nades 'kill count'

1/3 * 6 players = 2
2/3 * 3 players(those who took same weapon) = 2

Sorry, I just counted primaries.
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