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Clan EK is recruiting

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 Clantag / name
`eK//       Ego Killers
- Clan leader / Squad leader
KyleQuan (Vile Maverick is the Co)
- How to contact (Email, ICQ, MSN, IRC)
Xfire Kylexquan
- Homepage (if you have one)
- Clan age (Clan exists since... ?)
4:08 July 27 2008
- Favourite gamemodes
Ctf Team Matches and INF
- Equipement (own Soldat server, Teamspeak channel...?)
Xfire Mirc Channel. and Team Speak server
- Requirements in skill and character
No Complaining, The Drive to improve and to never give up.
- Where/How/When are possibilities for a tryout?
Usually we'll use a random server since we dont have our own. Possibly Asap will be the tryout
- If you only need players who use a certain weapon, don't forget to mention it.
Weapons that would help:Ruger,Rett,HK,AK
- Clan results (Clanwars played, tournaments won, etc.)
None yet
- Aims of the clan (just a funclan, or to take part in a tournament/league)
I want this clan to be competitive in SCTFL and The Next League

Current Members:
Vile Maverick

Date Posted: July 27, 2007, 07:49:44 PM
thats the official forums for Clan EK post their also if you want a tryout or more information

thanks to you my egos are scared  >:(

eK FTW  ;D
goodluck kyle and the next dude
hope to face you guys in a CW when you get more members  8)

Can I join? my In-game name is nhrn, I have been playing for around 3 months now, I use the SPAS and minimi the most but I have moderate skill with most of the weapons. I would say I am an average player, not godlike, but not crap either. I play capture the flag a lot, but have also spent hours playing death match with people from various forums. I used to play a clan server and I was going to join but they shut down for reasons unknown to me, so that is why I want to join this clan.

p.s. I like to keep my MSN address as private as possible, but PM for it if you want to let me join.

Vile Maverick is not in ur clan. He is in Hunt. Please update this.


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