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Hide 'n Seek 0.7
« on: February 15, 2017, 04:07:52 pm »
Script Name: Hide 'n Seek
Script Description: The minimum number of players required to play is 3. Server will choose the Seeker randomly. Seeker has to seek and kill hiders. Last alive player will become a Seeker.
Important Scripts:,;topicseen#new
Optional Scripts:
Original Author(s): Savage
Compilation: Passed
Core Version: Modified 2.8.1 (SC3)

Code: [Select]
'help','cmds','commands' : begin
Player.WriteConsole(HnSlogo+'Savage''s Hide ''n Seek help:', Color4);
Player.WriteConsole('E-mail:', Color5);
Player.WriteConsole('Admins: Savage, Ghostie, Mellouki.', Color5);
Player.WriteConsole('The minimum number of players required to play is 3.', Color5);
Player.WriteConsole('Server will choose the Seeker randomly.', Color5);
Player.WriteConsole('Seeker has to seek and kill hiders.', Color5);
Player.WriteConsole('Last alive player will become a Seeker.', Color5);
Player.WriteConsole('!maphelp - Commands for Seeker to select the map.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('!mlr - MapListReader commands.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('!whois - Show connected Admins.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('!admin - Call an Admin.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('!<admin nick> - Call specified Admin.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('!afkon - Turn OFF auto-join.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('!afkoff - Turn ON auto-join.', Color1);

'maphelp' : begin
Player.WriteConsole(HnSlogo+'Commands for Seeker to select the map:', Color4);
Player.WriteConsole('!random - Chooses random map from maps list.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('!map <map name> - Choose map manually from maps list.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('!stay - Play current map.', Color1);

'mlr' : begin
Player.WriteConsole(HnSlogo+'MapListReader commands:', Color4);
Player.WriteConsole('/maplist - Show MapList.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('/smaplist - Show sorted MapList.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('/searchmap <pattern> - Show all maps containing searched pattern.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('/showmapid - Show map index from MapList in SearchResult, do it before searching.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('/page <number> - Change page to <number>, type "/page 0" to close.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('You can also hold "Crouch"(forward) or "Jump"(back) key to change page.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('Admin commands:', Color5);
Player.WriteConsole('/createsortedmaplist - Create sorted MapList if current one is outdated.', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('/addmap <map name> - Add map to MapList. (Default Soldat command)', Color1);
Player.WriteConsole('/delmap <map name> - Remove map from MapList. (Default Soldat command)', Color1);

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