Author Topic: How skilled are you with each of the weapons?  (Read 18859 times)

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Re: How skilled are you with each of the weapons?
« Reply #140 on: February 14, 2009, 11:16:58 pm »
Deagles- 7.5/10. An old romance of mine, but I never got up there with the pros like Rai-Dai with it.

MP5- 2/10, perhaps my worst weapon. I can't aim with it worth a shit and the damage degredation combined just means I fail with this.

AK74- 6.5/10. I aim well with it but the low TTK takes getting used to.
Steyr AUG- Meh, 4/10 I think. Don't like the movementacc and self bink.
Spas 12- 8/10. Again, an old romance of mine, but I've lost my touch a bit.

Ruger 77- 10/10. Love it, my primary, never use anything else really. My shots are damned magnetic.

M79- 6/10. Good at boosting and lucky shots, not much else.

Barrett M82A1- 7.5/10. I aim well with it but the fireinterval is.... Eh. I don't like high stakes weapon (ie, 1shots with huge fireinterval)

FN Minimi- 4/10. Why not use an AK, which is the same thing with less movementacc and more damage.

XM214 Minigun- 7/10. Aim well with it, don't like that some shots don't reg, but it's a push/surf monster.

Grenades- 3/10. I'm bad with them, or maybe it's that I have low ping in US servs where I play so they 1hit me in any of the three hitboxxes while foreigners take fifteen to die.

SOCOM- Don't use it really ever.

Knife- 8/10. Just good with it.

Chainsaw- 10/10. Deadly.

LAW- 9/10. I like the curve, range, and damage.

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Re: How skilled are you with each of the weapons?
« Reply #141 on: February 19, 2009, 01:55:53 pm »
Eagles- normal
MP5- good
AK74- good
Steyr- my favourite very good
Spas- good
Ruger- bad
Barrett M92A1- very bad
FN Minimi- bad
XM214 Minigun- very bad
Grenades- average
SOCOM- good
Knife- very bad
Chainsaw- bad
LAW- good

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Re: How skilled are you with each of the weapons?
« Reply #142 on: February 20, 2009, 11:47:09 am »
Deagles- 0/10

MP5- 0/10

AK74- 0/10
Steyr AUG- 0/10
Spas 12- 1/10

Ruger 77- 0/10

M79- 0/10

Barrett M82A1- 0/10

FN Minimi- 0/10

XM214 Minigun- 0/10

Grenades- 1/10

SOCOM- 0/10

Knife- 0/10

Chainsaw- 0/10

LAW- 0/10


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Re: How skilled are you with each of the weapons?
« Reply #143 on: February 20, 2009, 12:33:49 pm »
Deagles- 7/10 = when i don't have many people on a server and a small map
HK- 4/10 = haven't used in months
AK74- 9/10 = pure pwnage with this, able to take down 2~3 with one clip
Aug- 6/10 = never used, but i think it's similar to Ak
Spas- 6/10 = what do you know, it's a shot gun
Ruger- 7/10 = similar to barret, so it's easy to use for me
M79- 5/10 = everyone can use this gun
Barret M92A1- 8/10 = in my early years, it was my fav gun. each round (as in game, not the bullet) i had double kills
FN Minimi- 7/10 = strong and descent weapon, kinda like Ak, but the reloading time is pretty slow, so i don't use this gun often
XM214 Minigun- 3/10 = hell, why would i even use this gun?
Grenades- 6/10 = primarily use this when i'm reloading, so i know the principles of it
Socom- 6/10 = my most used secondary while holding Barret
Knife- 6/10 = i mostly use Ak now, so this is my most used
Chainsaw- ONLY ON ZOMBIES, so yeah, it'll be like 1/10
LAW- 7/10 = also my long time ago secondary, i don't use it much, but i still know the arcs and craps for this
Level up baby!!
Deagle = 8/10  Used very frequently in medium maps like CTF_Ash  *TBA server, go!!
Mp5 = 6/10  I thank the Nuubia
AK74 = 8/10 (NOOOO DEGRADED!! :()  .... I don't want to know how....
Aug = 8/10  Used very much in Laos like medium-large map
Spas = 7/10 Good, I thank zombie mod and CTF_Division for training my Spas skill
Ruger = 7/10 I don't know, it's just really easy to use now
M79 = 7/10  I thank Jeremy for this when we had 1v1
Barrett M92A1 = OVER 9000!!!/10   I accept anyone's 1v1 challenge.
Fn Minimi = 8/10  Stronger than AK, so I used this frequently
Minigun = .... screw it
Grenades = 7.5/10  I don't fail with nades much now. Yet...
Socom = 8/10  Again, thank the zombie mod
Knife = 8/10  No more failure with it. Thank yeh Jeremy!!
Chainsaw = -9000/10
Law = 7/10 Don't use anymore, but still fun to use.
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Re: How skilled are you with each of the weapons?
« Reply #144 on: February 24, 2009, 05:20:40 pm »
Deagles- 6/10

MP5- 8/10

AK74- 8/10
Steyr AUG- 10/10
Spas 12- 9/10

Ruger 77- 5/10

M79- 10/10

Barrett M82A1- 9/10

FN Minimi- 7/10

XM214 Minigun- 7/10

Grenades- 8/10

SOCOM- 5/10

Knife- 7/10

Chainsaw- 8/10

LAW- 10/10

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Re: How skilled are you with each of the weapons?
« Reply #145 on: November 29, 2010, 09:52:53 am »
 [Barret]-10  [retard]
 [Minigun]-1 fail
 [socom]-8     [flamethrower]-10
 [knife]-6.5    [Bow]-10
 [saw]-2        [M2]-10
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Re: How skilled are you with each of the weapons?
« Reply #146 on: December 03, 2010, 11:12:45 am »
NOTE: realistic(i never play normal)
 [DE] 8/10 awesome, it's like a narrow&weak spas, random headshot kills are not THAT random
 [MP5] 2/10 lame, others keep owning with it, but i can't really use it
 [AK74] 7/10 nice, it's like a SOCOM with an extended mag and more range
 [AUG] 5/10 a weaker MP5 with more range and less firerate
 [Spas] 3/10 SRSLY, it's not a shotgun, it's a spreading sniper
 [Ruger] 7/10 accurate gun, i use in need of easy kills
 [M79] 7/10 ol' nooby :P . but nah, m79+SOCOM=win
 [Barret] 8/10 campas' favorite, one of my faves
 [Minimi] 9/10 my fave main
 [Minigun] 8/10 TOTAL SPRAY!  needs steady hands and crough
 [socom] 10/10 total win, 3 headshots can kill <3. it just has a short range, but well, who expected otherwise?
 [knife] 8/10 use with accuracy
 [saw] 6/10 this one is a serious lawl  ;). or well, who screams "HEAVY ALERT!" when a sawer is incoming?
 [law] 7/10 LAWspray at TW <3
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Re: How skilled are you with each of the weapons?
« Reply #147 on: December 03, 2010, 04:14:44 pm »
I'm average with Deagles, AK, Minimi, Spas, Steyr, knifes, and the chainsaw.
I'm good with MP5, Barrett, M79, minigun, LAW, and socom.
I suck with the Ruger.

I'm rather good with grenades and very good with cluster grenades, don't know why, but I always pull off a kill or two with clusters.