Author Topic: How skilled are you with each of the weapons?  (Read 18914 times)

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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #40 on: August 27, 2007, 12:25:34 pm »
Deagles - 7 - All I use but are very inconsistant.
HK-MP5 - 3? - Never use autos.
Ak-74 - 3 - Same as Mp5.
Steyr - 5 - Only cause its pretty easy.
Spas - 4 - I have my good days.
Ruger - 3 - Used to be good with gave up.
M79 - 5 - Exploding knife.
Barret - 2 - I only get lucky with it.
FN Minimi - 3 - Again I dont use autos.
Grenades - 6 - Pretty decent
Socom - ? - Never used.
Knife - 6.5 - Pretty good with it.
Chainsaw - 6 - Actually not bad on small maps.
LAW - 2 - Can't aim it worth a damned.

Honest actually, a little pathetic though.

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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #41 on: August 27, 2007, 12:54:49 pm »
Eagles- 3/10
MP5- 8/10
AK74- 8/10
Steyr- 4/10
Spas- 7/10
Ruger- 5/10
M79- 4/10
Barrett M92A1- 3/10
FN Minimi- 7/10
XM214 Minigun- 2/10
Grenades- 7/10
SOCOM- 6/10
Knife- 5/10
Chainsaw- 6/10
LAW- 7/10
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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #42 on: August 27, 2007, 12:58:52 pm »
 Eagles- 3/10
MP5- 9.2/10
AK74- 6/10
Steyr- 7.75/10
Spas- 7/10
Ruger- 2/10
M79- n/a never use
Barrett M92A1- 1.5/10
FN Minimi- 8/10
XM214 Minigun- n/a never use
Grenades- 8.3/10
SOCOM- n/a never use
Knife- 8.5/10
Chainsaw- 3/10 (practicing)
LAW- 9/10
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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #43 on: August 28, 2007, 07:27:40 am »
Deagles-           6/10
MP5-                 7/10 - Thinning the bullets really, really help.
AK74-                8/10 - Thanks to it's 100 damage, i always get to squeeze in a last shot to kill the guy while he kills me
Steyr AUG-        7/10 - Feels overpowered IMO.
Spas 12-           4/10 - Erk.
Ruger 77-         6/10 - In realistic, maybe.
M79-                 5/10 - Only lucky and point blank shots.
Barrett M82A1- 4-8/10 -Only works when i'm calm.
FN Minimi-         7/10 -Thin bullets help, too.
XM214 Minigun-0/10 - Still wonder why this is in soldat. Guess it helps for Hoverrace servers.
Grenades-        4/10 - They never register.
SOCOM-            7/10 - Kills suspiciously fast.
Knife-                8/10 - Been practicing.
Chainsaw-        6/10 - Lag kills me off.
LAW-                 5/10 - As many people said; spray and pray. Rarely fires in time.

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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #44 on: August 28, 2007, 06:35:22 pm »
Deagles -   5/10        Used to be my faves, back in 1.2.1
MP5 -         7/10        I'm usually good with it.
AK -            6/10        I don't use this gun ever because it is so overpowered.
Steyr -        9/10        I use this gun always.  I can decimate people on a good day.
Spas12 -    5/10        Luck shots mainly.  I sometimes use it in a Zombie server, but nothing else.
Ruger77 -   8/10        Ruger has always held a special place in my heart  <3
M79 -          6/10        I can often get random killing sprees with it.
Barrett -     5/10        Never ever use it, so I am neither one way or the other.
Minimi -      7/10        I like this gun quite a lot.  I never use it, but I'm decent with it.
Minigun -    4/10        I have to say, I am better with this gun than most.
Grenades - 5/10       Nadespam wins the day!
Ussocom -  4/10        Fail
Knife -        5/10        Moar Fail
Chainsaw - 7/10        I used to be uber pwn with it
LAW         - 5/10        Rarely use it
Fist           - 6/10        HADOUKEN
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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #45 on: August 28, 2007, 08:33:00 pm »
Ok, updated stats for the weapons. I aint gonna post everything, just the skill that program says I have.

Desert Eagles- 63.8
MP5- 53.3 (actually pretty good with it, i just got owned with it a lot)
AK74- 54.7
Steyr AUG- 54.4 (decent with it, again, used too much to really have a high score)
Spas12- 41.6
Ruger 77- 35.9 (i cant use this gun, too much moveacc or something to me)
M79- 48.4 (got better with it, still mediocre tho)
Barrett M82A1- 23.1 (yeah, Im bad with it, plus I dont use it much)
FN Minimi- 86.3 (this is now one of my main weapons, its actually really underrated)
XM214 Minigun- 72.3 (well, I guess I am better than the average person with it, but it still fails)

USSOCOM- 82.1 (overpowered XD)
Knife- 2.9 (due to the location of the throw button, I rarely use it anyway, besides, I like SOCOM for secondary)
Chainsaw- 23.8
LAW- 34.5 (decent with it, just rarely use it)

Grenades- 44.0

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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #46 on: August 28, 2007, 08:33:57 pm »
Desert Eagles- 8/10 One of my favorites
MP5- 3/10 Not really good with most rapid fire weapons
AK-74: 2/10 Can't handle the weapons Bink or whatever its called and i cant aim if i single click
Steyr Aug- 5/10
Spas-12-8/10 also one of my favorites
Ruger 77- 4/10 suck with aim
M79- 8/10
Barret- 7/10
FN Minimi- 2/10 cant handle reload time and im always missing
Minigun- 1/10 suck with aim, cant handle reload, and i just generally suck with it
Grenades-8.5/10 yay one of my favorite and most fun to use
SOCOM- 5/10 sometimes im good with aim sometimes im not
Knife- 5.5/10

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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #47 on: August 28, 2007, 08:52:37 pm »
I am garbage with all the weapons :D

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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #48 on: August 29, 2007, 01:29:56 pm »
Desert Eagles: Used to be fairly good with these. Never use them anymore so my skill has gone down. The arc really messes me up.
HK MP5: I use this on and off. I like the fast rate of fire but I tend to use it on smaller maps because of it's range.
Ak-74: I barely use this - the rate of fire just never appealed to me.
Steyr AUG: One of my better weapons. The medium-range and fairly fast rate of fire is what makes me use this weapon more than others.
Spas-12: Not a big fan of this weapon. It's a great gun in my opinion but I'm more of an automatic user.
Ruger 77: Used to play with this from time to time back in the old days but now I never.
M79: Never liked this weapon at all. I use it from time to time when I'm bored.
Barrett M82A1: This was what I used to select as a primary all the time when I was just starting until I decided to move onto the automatic scene.
FN Minimi: The large reload and inaccuracy of this weapon is really what prevented me from using it.
XM214 Minigun: Good against bots... bad against everything else.

USSOCOM: Good if I plan on using either an automatic or a barret. I'm okay with this handgun.
M72 LAW: Whenever I play Trenchwars, this is definitely my weapon of choice. Any other game mode, I choose either the socom or the knife.
Combat Knife: When the gameplay is fairly fast-paced, I choose the knife.
Chainsaw: I never use this unless I'm bored.
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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #49 on: August 29, 2007, 05:17:41 pm »
Deagles- 6/10
MP5- 3/10
AK-74: 2/10
Steyr AUG- 4/10
Spas 12- 7/10
Ruger 77- 5/10
M79- 8/10
Barret- 8/10
FN Minimi- 2/10
XM214 Minigun- 1/10
Grenades- 7/10
SOCOM- 3/10
Combat Knife- 8.7/10 Best and most favorite weapon
Chainsaw- 8.5/10 havnt used it in a long time but when i did i was  PWNing
LAW- 2/10
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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #50 on: August 30, 2007, 03:13:32 am »
Eh, my weapon choice is based on map, teammates, enemies and situation.  I even find this a little confusing because the thread doesn't even specify whether we are talking about CTF, DM, TDM, R/S, 1v1, 4v4, or whatever.  All of which are important factors in weapon selection.

For example, I use Ruger for CTF on Nuubia, and that is the ONLY time I ever use it.  Ash is my Spaz map.  Laos, I Minimi on the assault but prefer M79 for the recap.  In my TW team I am undisputed Minimi master.  Etc.

Still, playing along, here's my overall estimation of my skills per weapon, based on the gametypes I play and the opponents I generally play them against:

Deagles- 1/10
MP5- 4/10
AK-74: 4/10
Steyr AUG- 4/10
Spas 12- 3/10
Ruger 77- 5/10
M79- 8/10
Barret- 0/10 (never used the damn thing, but I plan to start training on it)
FN Minimi- 7/10 in CTF, 10/10 in TW
XM214 Minigun- 9/10
Grenades- 4/10 in CTF, 10/10 in TW :)
SOCOM- 0/10
Combat Knife- 2/10
Chainsaw- 10/10 in CTF pubs... you do NOT want me to bust out the Saw in a CTF pub, trust me on this.  3/10 in a gather or CW, though... lol.
LAW- 7/10
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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #51 on: August 30, 2007, 03:24:05 am »
Deagles - 5/10- hardly use
HK-MP5 - 6/10-good with
Ak-74 - 3/10-hardly use
Steyr - 5/10- around the same as mp5
Spas - 3/10- sucky with it...
Ruger - 5/10- pretty fun in tw
M79 - 8/10 boom baby
Barret -8/10- gooood :}
FN Minimi - 3/10- bad
Grenades -9/10- exshellent.
Socom - 0/10 never used it
Knife - 6/10- sha shing
Chainsaw - 7/10- brr brruum death all around
LAW - 2/10- how i shoot? j/k... i suck at aiming with it.

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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #52 on: March 15, 2008, 03:04:08 pm »
Deagles- For zombie match (realistic/rare)

MP5- only for spray (rare)

AK74- When AUG is blocked (rare)

Steyr- My main weapon

Spas- Close encounters

Ruger- On flat maps :)

M79- I suck at it, worse than Ussom

Barrett M92A1- For Teammate cover

FN Minimi- Mainly ofr tactical use the bullets go straigther than most autos so i use in uphill struggles

XM214 Minigun- Nevahh!

Grenades- Making my enemys pop up like Practise targets

SOCOM- Never use it. Only in case of emergency

Knife- Need practise for a short time then i use it as main weapon ;D

Chainsaw- When im the meatshield

LAW- When people are spawning

Fists- To steal weapons or kill afkers

I must be out of my mind! i cant show you my skill whit weapons or i will be rushed on when i use a bad one :D
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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #53 on: March 15, 2008, 03:51:58 pm »
Deagles: Crap 1/10
MP5: Good on small maps, prefer steyr though 8/10
AK: Used to be my love since 1.2, I abandoned it for Steyr though, Im still good with it. 8/10
Steyr: My new main auto 9/10
Spas: Just started it, but getting rather decent 6/10
Ruger: I suck, so bad with it. Some days Its acceptable if I have backup 4/10
M79: Another fav of mine, I personally think Im amazing with it, when Im on 8/10
Barrett: Used to be amzing with it, kind of lacking now. 7/10
Minimi: I hate this gun with all of my heart. I dont touch it -10/10
Minigun: Nuffsaid

Socom: My socom rapes in gathers, for when my spas doesnt finish the job 8/10
Knife: I pwn with this too, execpt i tend to miss easy close shots 8/10
Chainsaw: Only good with it in pubs, which I rape with. 9/10
Law: I love this gun too, I will bounce it off of every surface in soldat, and shoot you in teh face with it 10/10
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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #54 on: March 15, 2008, 05:11:25 pm »
Mines kind of changed, so I'll post a new one : D.

Deagles: 7/10 - I've been practicin' these.. There getting better.
MP5: 9/10 - My best weapon, used this since I got into the clannin scene.
AK: 6/10 - On a good day I don't miss a bullet, bad for me I don't have many good days with it.
Steyr: 8/10 - Been usin' this a fair bit, sometimes I can aim it like I do with the ak, othertimes I use it to spray.
Spas: 3/10 - Was pro at spas, untill I stopped usin' it ):
Ruger: 7/10 - Not much to say, I have my good aimin' day and my bad ones.
M79: 9/10 - Love this weapon for top voland and nuubia.
Barrett: 2/10 - I started soldat usin' this weapon, but since 1.4 I can aim it for shit.
Minimi: 9/10 - Best auto for long and short range.
Minigun: wut?

Socom: 2/10 - I used to be pro with the socom, that is when I was using spas. It just doesn't wanna aim for me now.. D:!!!
Knife: 5/10 - I use this as my secondary, its effective when I can throw the damn thing!
Chainsaw: 6/10 - easy to use, but not agianst saw gods D:.
Law: 3/10 - I only use it on nuubia or snakebite for rico's.
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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #55 on: March 15, 2008, 07:41:57 pm »
Deagles - 7/10
MP5 - 10/10
AK74 - 8/10
Steyr AUG - 9/10
Spas 12 - 5/10
Ruger - 8/10
m79 - 9/10
Barrett M92A1 - 7/10
FN Minimi - 4/10
XM214 Minigun - 7/10

Grenade - 9.5/10
USSOCOM - 7/10
Knife - 8/10
Chainsaw - 6/10
LAW - 7/10

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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #56 on: March 15, 2008, 08:36:38 pm »
Deagle: A-
steyr:    A
barrett: A

anything else: F
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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #57 on: March 15, 2008, 09:23:54 pm »
Deagles - 4/10   About 60% hit/miss ratio
MP5 - 5/10   
AK - 5/10     Bring back 1.3.1!
AUG - 6/10
Spas - 3/10 
Ruger - 6/10   Only in medium range
M79 - 4/10 
Barrett - 7.5/10
Minimi - 7/10
Minigun - 5/10 (Pure killing, 3/10)

Nades - 6/10

Socom - I never use it/10
Knife - 8.5/10    Hurray for secondary best weapon
Chainsaw - 5/10
Law - 20% hit ratio/10

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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #58 on: March 16, 2008, 02:10:07 am »
My Aim: 60%

Desert Eagles
-5.5/10 (Okay, not too good not too bad only at close-mid range)

-2/10 (This is my worst weapon. I don't like it.)

-7.5/10 (I kinda like this Auto. This is my alternative to the Minimi.)

Steyr AUG
-6/10 (Used to be my favourite. Now I don't use it I don't know why. Must be the movement acc)

Spas 12
-6.5/10 (I'm generally not a Spas-user, except in Zombie games where I'm strong with Spas)

Ruger 77
-6.5/10 (I used to use it. I admit its a good gun, now I just don't use it.)

-7/10 (I like it. Now I don't use it.)

Barrett M82A1
-7.5/10 (For a "running sniper", ya. I love it for its scoping and one shot features.)

FN Minimi
-8.5/10 (Yes I love the minimi! Probably my best gun.)

XM214 Minigun
-6/10 (I'm quite surprised at how I can kill quite well in DMs with this, but bad bullet reg kinda spoils it XD)

-5/10 (I'm usually not a nader, and would more often throw it in the face)

-8/10 (I LOVE this weapon! One of my best guns)

Combat Knife
-6/10 (I got bad aiming. I used to use it. Now I use it in zombie games where I learn to scavenge the ground for weapons)

-6/10 (Funny I can get some good kills in a DM with this...)

-3.5/10 (This is not my type of gun. When I used it, I shot it point blank at my enemies.)

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Re: How skilled are you with each of thr weapons?
« Reply #59 on: March 16, 2008, 03:05:57 am »
Deagles- 6/10
MP5- 3/10
AK74- 6/10
Steyr AUG- 7/10
Spas 12- 6/10
Ruger 77- 8/10
M79- 5/10
Barrett M82A1- 7 or 8/10 (Depending)
FN Minimi- 4/10
XM214 Minigun-1/10
Grenades- 6/10
SOCOM- 4/10 :(
Knife- 5/10
Chainsaw- Who cares/10
LAW- 5/10

If Mancer's are accurate these are mine.

Since this was bumped.... new ratings.

Deagles- 7/10
MP5- 7/10
AK74- 7/10
Steyr AUG- 6/10
Spas 12- 6/10
Ruger 77- 7/10
M79- 5/10
Barrett M82A1- 7/10
FN Minimi- 6/10
XM214 Minigun-1/10
Grenades- 5/10
SOCOM- 5/10
Knife- 6/10
Chainsaw- Who cares/10
LAW- 6/10
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