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Michal Marcinkowski:
A while ago a gentleman named GJJ compiled R for linux. If you want check if it works, cause I can't at the moment.

There is a problem with music in this port:

--- Quote ---One problem with the SDL_mixer port though is that at least the library
I include in the attached zip doesn't have mp3 support.  For music to
work, the SDL_mixer library either needs to be replaced with one that
includes mp3 support, OR all the mp3 files (conspicuously named wav)
needs to be converted to a format the SDL_mixer supports, such as ogg
vorbis.  This is s/benny.wav and everything in s/m/.  FMOD also
supports ogg vorbis btw, so if this could be done in the main archive
there'd be no need for conversion.. =)
--- End quote ---

Yay! hope some1 fixes the problem

I don't see those sound files in the archive, otherwise I'd fix this and repost it.

edit: oh, this is a patch for the original archive.  I'll patch it and re-post it as an entirely separate download

Good Job!!

I have one thing to say "R for ever!" :D

This game just rock

I can't seem to run the binary files, it segfaults (I'm guessing that is because all of the game content is missing from the Linux download)

I also don't understand what folder the patch should be applied to.   MM, can you point the guy who did this to these forums so we can work with him to get this working?  I'd like to know how to do this so that I can make a full linux download so people don't need to patch it themselves.


Ok, I extracted the tar.gz into the windows R folder and have it running on linux, but without sound.  I'm working on converting the wav (mp3) files to ogg right now.


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