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Here you can find mappacks from various authors.

 [*]grand_diablo's Farewell Mappack[*] Soulsnipa's Final Mappack  [*] SloppyTaco's Taco pack  [*] The CS mappack  [*] Demonic's Resignation mappack [*]OutofOrder's Remade-maps mappack[*]Chakapoko maker's Mappack[*]KamikazeDuck's Second Mappack[*]The Planet Soldat Mappack[*]KamikazeDuck's Third Mappack[*]The Skull's Mappack[*]Wraithlike's Mappack[*]The INFMS Mappack[*]Ultraman's Mappack [*]MNP's Jaw-dropping mappack
[*]Boxo's Noble Gases Mappack
[*]MNP's Mappack[*]The ultimate Climbing Mappack
[*]numgun's Eradication wars mappack[/list]

Links now lead directly to the download.


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