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The Quick-ish Waypoint Guide [11/27/07-1]

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I found one problem in the guide. I didn't read it excuse me if I error in this.

Towards the top, in the Lingo section. In the Jet-stop section, this isn't required as bots do this automatically. I have observed this through many a waypointing trials.

Also, just a small tip, but you ought to change the red background in the graphics. Dark red+black text makes the tips rather hard to read.

Nice little tutorial for starters, although I still prefer Keron Cysts ;D. This would be handy if the reader wanted to skim something rather quickly to get a few basics down. Keron's is mainly for more detail and advanced waypointing although he does have the basics spelled out as well.


Also, this isn't really needed but I find it handy to use ten bots when testing a team match game. 10 bots only on Alpha team for instance to test their waypoints. You don't have to use 10 testing bots, but it's a nice number for figuring out the percentage of how many bots follow your waypoints. Just a tip I thought I'd throw in ^,^

KorrupT MerC:
Well, i waypointed my first map and they seem to do fine, thanks to this guide, i also tested 12 bots instead of 1.

I too have noticed they jet-stopped by themselves.

Sorry for the Jet-Stop error. I've never NOT put a spot for them to stop, so I didn't know.

Nice tutorial, it help me out. :P

Keron Cyst:
It looks like you have the basics down :) The centered text is extremely annoying to follow, tho'.

You should never need a backup waypoint for such a simple ability as a bunny hop; just make sure the Up + Left/Right wypt. is close to the first enough so that it is impossible to miss.

--- Quote from: imacheater2k7 on November 24, 2007, 03:54:12 am --- If you have waypoints for Bravo to attack the Alpha base, then try to keep them separate from Alpha's escape paths unless they both lead to the flag, otherwise you'll have enemies camping around the white flag...
--- End quote ---
That doesn't make sense. If you don't have Bravo heading towards the white flag, Alpha will never score. Just keep Bravo from camping around the white flag by setting Stop & Camp waypoints (or a lot of Wait functions) on the way, like inf_Abel.

This also doesn't mention the horizontal momentum caused by bots jumping (straight, vertically) immediately after running without any prior special function, but then again, this is a quickie guide...

Lastly, the HTF section is slightly incorrect; definitely you want the teams to be able to move throughout the entire map using one path, as if they were DM, but the flag-carrier swaps to the other Path—just a trivial note that can play a heavy role in bot distribution throughout a map (for example, try flipping htf_Baire's waypoints so Path 1 is Path 2 and vice-versa; all of the bots will flock to the bottom of the map where they intersect and leave the top areas boring and empty).

The final tip is spot-on ;D


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