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I'm making this topic as kind of the "inode" of the Dev. Corners stickies.  I want to keep the number of stickies in this forum to a minimum.

Soldat Admin source code
Map Maker source code
REFRESH parsers and packet info

ASE parsers:
VB -

PMS Parsers:
C++ -

File downloading via Soldats file port:
(/logs/gamestat.txt is now supported, useful for PHP scripts)

More information can be found (and added by you!) in the soldat devs wiki @

Yes yes i remember thoose list and i love it...(hate search)

Since I am making my own 2d game right  (doubtfull it will ever be released) i have a question regarding the mapmaker :

Why does a map need to be compiled? in my 2d game i have triangle's that is the colliders. everything is fine , until the player gets into a space where two triangles overlap, the (last checked) triangle will "bouce" the player into the other since it was already collition checked, then you fall through.

 Is maps compiled to compute the intesection points , and adjust accordingly?

@boer: In Soldat maps, compiling generates 'sector' data. Basically the map is split up into a 50x50 sector grid, and for each sector compiling calculates and saves the number of polys intersecting the sector followed by the indices of the polys that intersect the sector. That way collision detection only has to be done on the polys in the sector that the player is in, instead of checking all the polys in the map (at least that's what I think it's for).

Thats brilliant!! , in my game , even if i try to optimize everything by only checking those polygons which overlap the objects area, it takes a hell of atime to check through 500 polys to see if they need to be collition checked. ... so it whould be helpfull if i give every indice an sector Id acc to where it is , and the objects  sector id  is obviously the sector in which it is, so now i do 1 check instead of 8! but then again, checking in which sector an object is takes time...


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