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Anti-Clan-Faking-Script (ACFS) v0.9.5
« on: June 21, 2011, 04:11:27 pm »
Script Name: Anti-Clan-Faking-Script (ACFS)
Script Description: Used to protect Clan-Tags against "clan fakers".
Original Author(s): ExHunter
Core Version: 2.6.5
Compile Test: PASSED

Anti-Clan-Faking-Script (ACFS) v0.9
Q: How does this Script protect the Clan-Tags?
A: There is actually just one kind of protection: Name-based protection. That means: If you are in the Clan [A] and your name is ExHunter then your name will be shown like '[A] ExHunter'. This works on that way:
- You add to your clan just the part of the Player's name and the script checks the clanlist everytime when someone joins with a tag. PRO: You don't need to write the whole Player name in it; Which is also good if this Player changes his other clans; It does not care about Lower- and UpperCase.

Admin Commands:

'/addclan <tag> <player ID>' - with that you give the InGame Player with the  <Player ID> permissions to create the clan <tag>.

'/delclan <tag>' - removes the clan <tag>.

'/reloadclanlist' - if you change manually the clanlist.txt file then reload if the server runs.

Player (Clan-Leader) Commands:

'/confirmclan <tag> <password>' - if you got permissions to create an clan, then you can confirm the right ClanTag and set an password.
IMPORTANT: Do not give this password to anyone else and keep it save.

'/addmember <clan-tag> <clan's password> <new member's name>' - adds <new member's name> to the clan <clan-tag>. Requires <clan's password>.
NOTICE: Parts of a name are ok.

'/delmember <clan-tag> <clan's password> <old member's name>' - deletes <old member's name> from the clan <clan-tag>. Requires <clan's password>.
NOTICE: You need to type the exactly name, which is on the ClanList, in.

Player (for everyone) Commands:

'/allclans' - shows all protected clans.

'/showclan <tag>' - shows the members of the clan <tag>.


- In addition to the Name-Based protection: IP-Based protection.
- Password restore option.

- Making it work with SGAS.
- Making it work with MSAC (GUID).

Just be sure that scripting is enabled. Then just unpack this script and copy the whole folder into your server's script folder. DONT CHANGE ANY FILE NAMES!

There is one more command. Uncomment it on the script on own risk. It does work but it shouldn't be used. (/rename <clantag> <your old name> - it can be used if you change your name. But EVERYONE can actually use this command - this means: it can be abused!)

Have fun with it.


EDIT: fixed the download.

From: June 23, 2011, 01:14:29 pm
Changelog: v0.9 -> v0.9.5
Code: [Select]
- Improved the code a little bit.
- Added the Configure option:
  Open the clanscript.pas file and there you can change it:

  WColor=$FF0000; // Warning Colors.
  IColor=$808000; // Commands Color.
  Time=45;        // Warning Time (in s) before kick.
  DetType=1;      // Type of Detection.
      // 0 = Name-Based Detection | 1 = Name and IP-Based Detection

  Name-Based Detection:
    Explained in the main post.
  Name and IP-Based Detection:
    In addition to the Name-Based Detection it will check for the IP.
    When an added Clanmember is ingame (or joined after he got added),
    then his current IP (only subnet IP) will be saved.
    That means: It does not check only the name part:
    It compares also the subnet ip's with each other.

- New Commands:

  Admin Commands:
  /resetpass <TAG> <LEADERID> - gives the Player with the ID <LEADERID> the option to set an new password.
  /delplayerip <TAG> <name> - deletes the saved ip of the player <name> in the clan <tag>.
  It will re-add the IP (the new one) if the player is currently ingame.

  Leader Commands:

  /resetplayer <TAG> <clanpassword> <name> - same as /delplayerip but this can do everyone with the <clanpassword>.

  /newpass <new password> - if an admin gave permissions to set an new password then this command will be used by the leader.

Please feel free to test this and give me some feedback/report bugs :)



Edit 2: fixed the download again xD
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