Author Topic: sP0ng3 is searching for a clan. =]  (Read 452 times)

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sP0ng3 is searching for a clan. =]
« on: January 24, 2008, 08:26:20 pm »
- Ingame Nick - sP0ng3
- Favourite weapons M79, Barrett, MP5
- Contacting possibilities (Email, ICQ, MSN, IRC,...) msn: or xfire: dante911
- You play since... ? Started about 4 years ago. Been kinda on and off. Started again recently about a month ago.
- Where are you from? North America, California.
- References (clans you've been in, other Soldat experience) heh I forgot the name, but I was in DarkJesus' clan, and I also almost joined |Panda|
- Favourite gamemode(s)? CTF
- Rating of your own skill. hmm, well some days I'm uber, other days I'm not so good. Also depends on map, etc.. So I'd say about 7/8, I guess.
- Why do you want to join a clan? I love being part of a community that is active alot. I also enjoy clanwarring. =]

I'd like a clan that can stay active, I don't mind if it's not the best clan, but as long as it's active; there's always room for improvement.