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At one point I became curious about a database of all the sub-gamemode that exist, and decided to create a list of general information about many that exist. This is by no means a complete list, but here is what has been gathered so far:
NameAuthorScriptAdvertsMapsShort DescriptionBlowUpCatchCatch the falling guns for pointsDodgeballnonemany?db_*Knives only, usually survival, custom maps, teams separated throwing knives across separatorDuckhuntnoneinf_duck*Snipers and laws only, teams separated, alpha can only capture/score the flag, bravo defendsElite Partynonectf_climbwar*Two teams separated by a boarder climb, shooting or passing the flag through the border; flags can fall through the map, needing to restartHot PotatoKiller FlagThe team's flag is the only way to kill eachother, throw the enemy flag while avoiding your own flagKit MadnessAvoid touching the falling kits on your way to the flagLaw Catchnonelaw_*Laws only, usually survival, custom maps, team separated by short polygon, law bullets fired are pulled down by gravity onto enemy groundsLegends(dnmr? I forget)incompleteAn RPGLevelsAdvance a level by making a kill and get to the highest level without dying to scoreKing of the HillMissile TagTag people by shooting them and watch the missile explode their butts.MountainClimbingnone (x)Realistic-enabled climbingMusical VestsFind a bulletproof vest before the time runs out or you will be outPinballpb_*Polygons are stacked to push you away, causing you to go all over the place with little control, try to capture/score the flagProtect the VIPEach team has a VIP with vest and socom, first team to kill the other VIP winsPunching PonchosPlayers race to a goal while bots push them backSaw Racingsr_*Alpha-only, players given saws modded to push towards the cursor, race to capture/score the flagSeabattleShooting Raceuse boosting guns and your nitro to race through the mapsSkijumpingxxPlayers "ski" through a path, and then jump a cliff, trying to get the furthest distanceSoldiballyesThrow the flag into the opposing team's goal to score a point; limited holding timeSteyrs 'n Socomsa CTF match with only these guns, steyr to boost your speed and socom to 1-hit-killTagYou get points when not tagged, tagger has weapons and tags by killing.TagmodTry to avoid getting killed by the taggers as long as possibleTug of WarPush the dummies to the enemy team to get a pointVolleyballPlayers on two teams play volleyball with a knifeWeapon RaceLike hoverrace but with more weapons and nitro!AIM MapsAvaraxnoneaim_*Alpha only, players snipe bots falling down from the sky?ClimbAvaraxnoneManykz_* variousWeaponless, jumping around, avoiding obstaclesCounter-Strike ClassicAvaraxnonecs_* de_*Custom maps, realisticHexerAvaraxRPG mod, special abilities as leveling up, account systemHoverraceAvaraxctf_hover* hr_*Alpha-only, players given miniguns modded to push towards the cursor, race to capture/score the flagMiracleModAvaraxxRPG mod, arcade styled, classes with abilities, no saving but levelsTrenchWar ClassicAvaraxManyctf_tw_* tw_*Custom maps, realisticTrenchWar DominationAvaraxx, xTeam dominates the map by covering more groundSandboxBoblekonvoluttxFlying SocomzBombSkinonefs_*Using the modded USSOCOM to push you forward, you must race other players to find and capture the alpha flag, then return to home and score itKnifeModDarkCrusadexCounter-StrikeDorkeyDearxSurvival, bought weapons/accessories, retreive weapons after being victoriousCurt's DeathmatchDorkeyDearlostdefaultPlayers who die respawn when their killer diesGrenade ClimbDorkeyDearYesgc_*Players are given infinite grenades, and must throw them onto colliders to push themselves away from the deadly floor, there are no breaksKing of the HillDorkeyDearlostDeathmatch, players kill eachother over a hill, player with a certain time first wins, or with the most overall timeSoccerDorkeyDearxs_*Flamer only, no damage, players push medikit around into goals to score a pointSpace GameDorkeyDearxsg_*No gravity. Miniguns to move. USSOCOMs weapons modified to shoot M79 bullets to kill. Goal is to throw flag into target goal. Two teams.Switch ClimbingDorkeyDearxsc_*Climbing with a twist. Yellow polygons can be deadly, or safe, being "switched" by touching red or green polygons.Team King of the HillDorkeyDearlostFlagless CTF, players kill eachother over a hill, team with a certain time first wins, or with the most overall most time winsTrenchWar TerritoriesDorkeyDearxBases, team stands on to claim, push to enemyBombing RunDr.Thraxxxbr_*Double DominationDr.Thraxxctf_dd_*Dominate both bases to be victoriousVolleyballDr.ThraxWeaponless; charlie and delta players toss a flag back and forth until somebody misses and it falls into the pit, opposite team scoresOnslaughtFalconPLprivatexFlagballFrozeninfernab & A Flyctf_Flagball?Saws only (except goalies), HTF, toss flag into goals for pointsiModHoboxdefaultEach weapon is a class with skills and abilitiesPirates vs. NinjasHacktankxGunGameIq-UnlimitedxanyDeathmatch; to win, you must kill using every weaponHide 'n SeekIq-UnlimitedxClassic game of hide and seek, although to seek, you kill.QuakeKwS PallxdefaultWeapons have spawn pointsBasketballlewymatiincompletebbl_*2 Way ShootoutMetalWarriorit works like knife basketballAssaultMetalWarriorBrutal SoccerMetalWarriorSaws only, CTF (charlie & delta), toss flag into goals for pointsCapture the ObjectiveMetalWarriorFlag JumperMetalWarriorHostage Rescue MissionMetalWarriorunreleasedtripwires, flashbangs, use your knife to lure the hostageMinefieldMetalWarriorPortalMetalWarriorxPlayers create "portals" which they can teleport from one location to another through puzzlesPortal 2MetalWarriorunreleasedPlayers create "portals" which they can teleport from one location to another through puzzles; cooperative play, checkpoints, 80+ mapsPushoverMetalWarriorPush other people into deadly polygons and watch them splash.Soldat FortressMetalWarriorincompleteTF2-likeWormsMetalWarriorincompleteRemake of the game Worms for Soldat; only for Soldat 1.4.2CatchMeMightyxxHide n' Seek, but when caught, you turn into a seekerSearch and DestroyNorboxBasketballPANTERAxbb_GothicUse the knife to score points playing basketballPerroRACEPerroAZULxrc_*Players play on slightly modified default maps, circuit-styled race against other playersKing of the HillRaithahnone1v1 TournamentrhidexArcade Madnesssai`kexModified gameplay using a scriptLast Standsai`ke & Spkka & tk` & MetalWarriorprivate (and public version, separate?)xls_*Much cooperation of teamwork needed with various classes to live through many waves of zombiesTactical TrenchWarSpkka & sai`ke & MetalWarrior (metal made different version?)xttw_*Classes specific abilities, conquer bunkers using teamwork against the enemyCounter-StrikeToumazx(yes)Bought weapons/accessoriesFistboxToumazxdefaultPlayers can mod the server with a package of goodiesBerserker ModTtil_Np.csWoW*(BM)Climb, racing against people, while dodgeing beserker kits in attempt to capture/score the flagPredator HuntVigxCustom inf_*Alpha has saws and predator, Bravo has BarrettsxmRipper's TrenchwarsxmRipperxLeft 4 DeadxXSnowyXxxUltimate SurvivalzyxstandxDodge raining knives
I have decided to leave out sub-gamemodes that involve only restricted weapon use due to that there are many different possible combinations that would bloat the list up if included. A few common ones include Knife and Slice, Saw and Law, and Knives Only.

MultiMode is a Soldat Server / script which runs various sub-gamemodes that change every map change. Information can be found here.

There are many different kinds of zombie gamemodes, and I have yet to sort through them. I am not certain what the real titles are for some of them since some of these are just server names with unnamed scripts. Here is a short list of them:
NS Zombie Battle[ZM]
Zombie Survivor
Zombie Rpg|ZM|
-Snowy-'s (scripted)
Day of the Dead - Mercs vs Undead (scripted)
Spasman's Zombie Survival
Hacktank's ZRPG

Input is greatly appreciated. Please report unlisted sub-gamemodes, faults and their associated corrections, and discussion on whether or not something should be listed. Thank you.

Wow, there's quite a few.  Thanks for the list

Yay, you mentioned us, thanks :)

Also, nice initiative. You forgot multi mode. But it's basically a collection of a few of these.


--- Quote from: sai`ke on April 01, 2008, 05:25:03 am ---Also, nice initiative. You forgot multi mode. But it's basically a collection of a few of these.
--- End quote ---
Yeah, i dont think of multimode as a sub-gamemode, but more as a bunch of them in one server..

Hopefully I'll have a table up soon to be more organized..
Name - Author - Example Servers (adverts) - Script (link) - Map Prefix(es) - Short description

Nice of you to put in 'Saw&Law' and 'Styrs 'n Socoms'. But im not sure if you'd call that 'subgames', they're just games with a lot of weapons disables (although im not sure bout Styr's 'n Socoms btw, just sounds that way). If you'd really like them in your list you might wanna add:
-One Shots
-Knife Only

and there are probably more.
for S&L, OS, S&S and Slicers please link to, but if i were you, i wouldn't add them.


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