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Whether you are looking for people to join your clan or for a clan to join, please stick to these guidelines:

Opening threads:
You are a (new) clan and you're trying to find players for your team? Then offer enough information in your description to create interest. The following points are improtant:

- Clantag / name
- Clan leader / Squad leader
- How to contact (Email, ICQ, MSN, IRC)
- Homepage (if you have one)
- Clan age (Clan exists since... ?)
- Favourite gamemodes
- Equipement (own Soldat server, Teamspeak channel...?)
- Requirements in skill and character
- Where/How/When are possibilities for a tryout?
- If you only need players who use a certain weapon, don't forget to mention it.
- Clan results (Clanwars played, tournaments won, etc.)
- Aims of the clan (just a funclan, or to take part in a tournament/league)

Additional information, interesting but not essential:
- Clan history
- Description of the current members
- ...

You are a (new) player, and want to join a clan to play in a team. Then be generous with a description of yourself, to make recruiting clans interested in your abilites. Important information:

- Ingame Nick
- Favourite weapons
- Contacting possibilities (Email, ICQ, MSN, IRC,...)
- You play since... ?
- Where are you from?
- References (clans you've been in, other Soldat experience)
- Favourite gamemode(s)?
- Rating of your own skill
- Why do you want to join a clan?

If you've been accepted by a clan, you might stop posting saying "I'm now member of clan XY", so other clans know that you are "taken". If a clan rejects you, please don't express your anger in hateful postings. There will surely be some more chances to get into a clan.

Any topic that doesn't contain enough information about the player or clan in question will get locked/deleted.

- Please do only post if you're really interested in the player or clan.
- Or if you already have experiences with the player/clan and those are relevant, state them in a neutral way.

"I've been a member of that clan. They are total n00bs and losers. They don't have skill and don't seem to know the word teamwork, those tards..."

"I've been a member of this clan, and my experiences aren't that good. Imho they aren't that good and the teamwork could be better."

Also, every clan has the right to look out for players according to their own preferences. Even if a clan only wants snipers/campers and minimi'ers it is their own business. Politely written hints are accepted, senseless flaming is not.

Please don't start senseless debates. As long as someone critizes objectively and without flaming, there is no need to talk much about it. If someone needs to ask for examples for negative experiences with a clan/player, he/she should do this via PM.

It's very important that posts stay on-topic in this section of the forum, it makes the search for a player/clan much easier.

i follow the rules and i make a goot clan thanks mate

hey, just a suggestion but in the player needs clan application, can u put in a question about location? it may make some recruiting easier.

Good idea, changed.

i think you should add who many hours online they are.. for player looking for clan. so clans can know how active a player is. Just a thought, I think clans would wanna know how active people are before they recruit them


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