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inf Zitrone [vr2]
« on: April 11, 2008, 02:55:15 am »
My Mapping Ideas thread pretty much summed things up, so I took this information from there. Haven't updated the screenshots yet, but be patient :P. I'll do it soon...It just takes a little while with such a widthy map.

inf Zitrone update 2.5

New zombie map (go figures ::)). I originally only made the basic structure as a little test of mine, but just recently fixed it up and am working on it again. I'm trying some new stuff here (new for me), by giving my underground sewer/cave a more dynamic background and other things. Also trying to work on my size proportions better. So without further ado:

Linksy for Bigger Screeny (64% zoom): Bigger

Linksy for Burning House: Burning House

Technical Specifications:
Polygons: 848
Scenery: 303
Spawns: 29
Colliders: 0
Waypoints: 160 (Yes)
Dimensions: 6173x1018

History on title of map:

I looked up the word, Vicissitude (credits going back to El_spec and E_A), which (basically) meant a change in the course of events. So, I looked the word on, and I ended up finding the word Jalopy (actually, I found jalopy by looking up the word trans, which was the old map name for this map). Jalopy is just an old 50's term for a hot-rod car. Somehow I came across the term, Lemon (a slang term for a defective automobile). I then translated the word "Lemon" into German, and got Zitrone.

The end.

Information I almost forgot to add put here... if you can't tell, the map has eight textures. I was heavily inspired by another map I almost made which was going to have 5. Also...Alpha spawns in the far left building, and Bravo spawns throughout the right side. It'll be a pretty long map so hopefully the difficulty is spread throughout and it isn't too easy or too hard. You can "drill" through the door that leads into the house that leads into the tunnel (credits to Maek| for the idea ;)).

I know you ought to be able to do most things with a couple well used textures, but I wanted more variety than 1 or 2 nice textures would allow. Hopefully, that doesn't constitute to lots of lag and unplayability. It works fine on my computer *shrug*


To lots of people for lots of scenery. It would take me quite some time to hunt down everyone whos scenery I'm using... well, the only thing that is sort of mine are the clouds that I used from Yahoo weather :). They have nice clouds. Also credits to VTT for the flame ideas from TW_Rage. I used his idea for fire on the smoking telephone pole.

Sorry for the huge download :-\. I have a little bit of custom scenery, plus a some rather bigger sceneries. I guess I wasn't thinking too much on the scale of how file size works into this. I finally broke down and used the Soldat Map Packer tonight, so credits to that. There was just too much random scenery I used... The texture is what really caries the hefty file size load ::).
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Re: inf Zitrone
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2008, 03:36:55 am »
have you ever considered making some trenchwars maps?
You're epic talented, and it's almost trenchwar like, I wish i could play this, but no servers in my ping range are zombie servers.
I like the far right building, looks good.

Only problem with it i've got is the far left tunnel, It's pitch black, people could get lost :D
Lol, internets.

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Re: inf Zitrone
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2008, 08:10:46 am »
The scenery usage here is pretty nice.  I like how you used XT's tree and the telephone pole.

For a zombie map, the gameplay looks pretty linear (from what I can see, anyway), but I will be sure to test it at some point.

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Re: inf Zitrone
« Reply #3 on: April 11, 2008, 09:17:22 am »
I'd agree that the map looks like two separate maps with differing styles splices together from the overview, but it's not as noticeable in game. The scale of the buildings in the park area and those in the city just seem off in relation to each other, but, again, that's not really a bother while playing. Still a great looking map, but

Loaded it this morning, and most people began M79 boosting over the map even with the powerline restrictions. It's simply far easier to grenade boost over that first house than to take that underground path, and it was possible for another to boost over to the burning house from the building tops. :(

The version downloaded has a very small gap in the underground background tile it seems. The bots also tend to camp right below that entrance into the underground part, and that along with the difficult path back up into that right house make boosting over the whole thing that much more inviting. If I had to state a problem with the way the map plays, it's that boosting makes it very linear and very easy. Of course, nothing says the player has to boost over everything, and there's nothing wrong with linear maps, but I know I'd hate to have all this effort wasted by having people pretty much bypass most of the map in that way.

I still think those default trees are uglying up your map a bit. :P It's also pretty easy to horde the zombies from the helicopter point as I don't believe there is a spawn there to threaten the player, and the bots which spawn on the roof to the right appear incapable of reaching that point. I think the easiest way to fix most of these issues would be to strip the map of the city part and placing "Only Players Collide" blocking polygons on the rooftops of the houses, but perhaps something better could be done. Again, just nitpicking here, as the map still looks great and is playable as is. :)

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Re: inf Zitrone [vr2]
« Reply #4 on: April 12, 2008, 04:09:20 pm »
Release Update 2

Alright, I made a few changes, most of which benefit the Alpha players. I noticed that after exiting the second house, a wave of jumping zombies usually comes and rapes whoever decides to be daring. To compensate a little for that, I added a second "rung" on the telephone pole to jump on. It doesn't provide too much help as the zombies usually jump and tap the bottom with their saws, but it provides a little support if quick with the jet and jumping.

In the second house, on the second story, the window you can shoot out of was a little too high to be effective towards bots approaching the front door, so I lowered it a tad to help. I added smoke coming out of the little chimney in the first house which is meant to "block" any M79 boosting.

I noticed that right before jumping up into the second house, zombies would always come down and slaughter anyone encroaching ground level. I added a small little hole to the side of the first ledge in the shaft leading up into the second house so that players may hide there to get a slight advantage before hopping up to ground level.

Also, right before the shaft leading into the second house, I added a small wooden platform supported by chains for players to camp on before taking their route upwards. In order to make it so that players can't just stay there all game, I also added a zombie spawn to accompany that little platform.

I did a few simple things like make a zombie parachute spawn over the Alpha flag and turret so that players without quick response will having zombies jumping on their heads, thus taking out their position in the gun turret of the helicopter. I also did a little scenery editing to the second house... I edited spawns a bit and fixed some problems in the zombie route where zombies would get stuck.

That's about all for updates. A bit lengthy for a simple update description...


Still currently no new screenshots. I did see that the default trees did kind of ugly up the map a little, but I guess I'm going to keep it that way for now. I still have a few more things to do to this I'll probably make a normal CTF version of this later which might turn into TW, but probably not.
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Re: inf Zitrone [vr2]
« Reply #5 on: April 13, 2008, 06:31:27 am »
omg you genious