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ctf_Oracle (waypointed)

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[EDIT] Keron Cyst has waypointed ctf_Oracle, and I fixed some minor poly bugs on the platforms. ctf_Oracle 1.1  [/EDIT]

I've had the concept for this map in my head for over a year and I finally got inspired enough to sit down and create it :] The stone texture came from one of Avarax's maps and I think the other one is from chakapoko maker's texture pack. I used 3 of Serial Killer's custom sceneries, the rest should all be default.


Wow, this map is amazing, especially the texture work.

Flying Dutchman:
Awesome! This map looks really cool. The gameplay as well the looks both seem to be good. The multitexturing and coloring/shadowing is done really well. Good job.

Just tried it out, it's very damn nice, there's all sorts of places to hide, but bot support would make this hella more fun for people who like just a quick play in between things without the hazards of online play.

Truly amazing. Especially with all the different textures, it pleases the eye.


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