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Soldat Connect Tool
« on: June 22, 2008, 10:03:28 am »
Soldat Connect Tool
With this program you can connect to the Soldat servers very
quickly and easyli.Only one thing what you need is setup
Soldat.exe directory and save settings.
Program is mostly created for #Soldat.Gather servers.
Questions and answers
- I can`t connect to the server.
Make sure that you have set true Soldat.exe directory.
In the #Soldat.Gather password boxes keep the space between left side of the box
and password text.

- #Soldat.Gather has new servers, where I can edit IP addresses?
Go to home program directory and open file "Soldat Connect Tool.ini".
Here you can edit server IP addresses.

- Where I can edit or add my favourite servers?
Favourite servers can be added in the "Web_Favourites.txt" file (Web Browser Based Server
Favourite servers and parameters can be added in the "Par_Favourites.txt" file.
(Run Soldat With Parameter)
Thanks to:
-Fella- for beta testing.
Borland team for Delphi 2007.
Michal Marcinkowski for the best 2D game Soldat.
or pm me (Sauron) at

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Re: Soldat Connect Tool
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Thats look like my Soldat Desktop.
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