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Posting Rules and Guidelines
« on: April 16, 2006, 05:20:44 pm »
This content was originally posted by Meandor

This forum is meant only for modifications to the graphical interface for Soldat. Please include in the thread topic whether or not the interface is compatible with registered or unregistered players.


Golden rule (you should know, valid for all the forums): don't spam, flame or revive old threads for no reason.
If someone breaks a rule, it's not needed that more than 1 person reminds him how to behave correctly. It counts as spam.

Of course, stolen/ripped/edited mods aren't allowed.
You can rip and edit, as long as you don't claim as your work some images you found on google and/or resized, and give credit to their original author/source.
If you want to edit a mod of another member of the community ask for his permission first; credits to the original authors must be present upon release.
Screenshots are required!

Do not revive dead/old topics unless they are your own. Even so, you will still need a proper reason to do this, such as updating a mod. If you have comments/questions about old topics, PM or e-mail the creator.
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