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AoN Clan BotPack
« on: August 07, 2008, 08:45:37 am »
Ok i maded AoN BotPack so we have an mascot of The Clan..

The list of Bots/Names:

AoN`Boogie Man
The Boogie Man, just mascot but he is in AoN..he isnt member dont carry about it :)

The Leader of Bots...Use the big ruger 77 like our leader..sometimes take ak 74 to try be like more to terrorist coZ here is only judge :D joke:D

The furyest player with a cap...Use all weapons.He has 1 term..Kill all on the road..No friends:D
He is RED!

AoN`No. RuleZ
Nothing special...But often want to use Rambo BoW :D :DSkilly, newer camping and use sniper.But thats coz i dont like bots/snipers...I usually often use Barrett

AoN`ToMMy L3G3nD
My old Friend who was in clan but he leave us...He Always use Mp5 coZ that was in real so.Nice look B)
The dummyest Bot...It`s like an Promotive Reclam...I was wanna to make a "Dummy" Bot, that`s Bot who never move..But i wasn`t..Now he use only XM28V2 MINIGUN and go around with the most stupidest Taunts..