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Before you start looking my interface - look here. - Easy and Perfect mod by Atybrc

Nice combination, right?

cursor by Hudo & Mozgovvert.

Font for interface - get it
I maked 2 version of this interface for #640 and #1024. Later i will add version for #860.

Can we see a screenshot without the players / scores list up? Is there always a grid over the screen? How does it look on different monitor resolutions?

"I maked 2 version of this interface for #640 and #1024."
please. read all. you can dowload it and try yourself.

You are a god at making interfaces man. i heart the grid. Keep modding man, but can you try and make some un-reg once sometime? ;)

thank you)
Yes, i will create un-reg interfaces. Maybe after releasing new version of soldat, maybe today).
But i will make interface not for fun, with nice , crazy-colored images. I will make interfaces for playing in soldat, that will be comfortable and useable in clan wars or ather matches.

p.s. All what i need in interface is ammo text, and nades count. Athers - is not necessary, you can erase it, including dead-log and (maybe) cursor. You must feel your soldat))


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