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BattleZone 0.7a
« on: August 31, 2008, 07:41:07 am »
Script Name: BattleZone
Script Description: This is something like king of the hill. Go in an area, stay ,timer count down, win ! that's all ~
Original Author(s): Zop
Core Version: 2.6.3
Code: Download and read if you need please ^_^
Credits: Map data system and regen credits to DorkeyDear. Thank you Curt.

How to play :
-Take flag to the middle of the map. There is an area between 2 flames. Go in and timer will start count down.
-There must be someone take the flag. If flagger lost flag then timer stop ticking.
-When flagger stays in battle-zone, more teammates in zone timer go faster.
-Timer will stop if any enemy go in the zone even not a flagger.
-When timer goes to zero, you win !
-Don't score flag ! The score points will ADD into your zone-time.

Easy ~

Extra part :
-Flagger can use t to say aa and stand 3 secs to open a gate.(yes, gate again XD)
-The entrance of the teleport tunnel is at flag base. A little flame marks there. Stand into flame for 1 sec will teleport to the gate which team flagger opened.
-Flagger can't teleport.
-Gate will heal teammates. Just stay near it.
-Gate will close if used 5 times or over 60 secs.
-Stand in the enemy's gate 3 secs will close it.
-Flagger can use t to say ww to close the gate.
-When timer counts down every 30 secs(both teams totally), there will appear some Statguns, then disppear after 30 secs count down.

Available maps :

Caution :
Just one zone in a map, if you wanna make a map data.
I didn't try 2 or more zones in a map.

That's all for now. Just take flag and go in the zone and stay alive with flag and win when time goes to zero. ^_^
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Re: BattleZone 0.7a
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DorkeyDear* and yw

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Re: BattleZone 0.7a
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Sorry ="=
I fixed them.[/size=1]