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Sometimes you have a question for the forumpeople, but you don't feel like it's really worth making an entire new thread for. Well, some of you post it anyway. So I figured we'd make a topic here in which to post those questions, and try to keep it simple.

I'll go first with an example, and at the same time get out a couple of questions that this thread was intendet for in the first place.

1. Any of you know of a good, free videoediting program? Like, for putting together some, say, gaming clips?

2. What's a good place to download english subtitles and how do you make it work? *solved*

Now you just answer the questions or ask some of your own.

PS: please only answer/ask questions if you have something serious or constructive to say. Otherwise this'll get messy real quick.

PPS: Keep questions in this thread answerable. If you have a question with a debatable answer, make a new thread for it. Offenders will be muted. - Espadon

Just because you ruin every other loungethread the second it's posted, don't mean you have to with this as well. In fact, don't.


--- Quote from: echo_trail on September 09, 2008, 08:14:54 am ---2. What's a good place to download english subtitles and how do you make it work?

--- End quote ---
I just google "subtitles", load the first few results in tabs and enter the search term in each one of them until I find something. Always worked so far and after a while you know which sites to avoid.

Put the files in the same directory as the video files, make sure they have the same names (with exception of the file extension). Play the file in VLC.

Since you're probably looking for subs for ripped movies, make sure the run time, amount of CDs etc. match or you'll get out of sync subs.

Are Creative headphones good for music and gaming? Are there any other brands you would suggest?

Why won't the legendary Jazz Jackrabbit 2 work on my computer? I tried 2 torrents but when I launch the game I get a black screen for a while and after the black screen is gone, nothing happens :(

It works fine on my friends computer tho'. :|


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