Author Topic: (Warning: Not for kids or weak stomachs) Your Favorite Medieval Torture Device  (Read 37417 times)

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Look, I'm sure there is more than one name for it, either way it's a very cool bit of info.

And that new image of the impalement is pretty an ick sort of way. :-X

Boredy, ordey.

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no **** gram, but it's a perfectly reasonable place to look up

..and google doesn't even return related results for "butterfly cut".

Actually your right it was mainly for homosexuals.
Btw that wiki is terrible, its hard to find two descriptions that will match perfectly, really you just need to look for more official run websites, like one that was called last time i check it was down though Sad
What do you mean by 'Official' run websites?  You mean officially run by a 20-year-old college student?  Well, I suppose his life is heading in a better direction than yours, but I admire how wikipedia is open for input on everybody fascinated with their topics.  Didn't even check the Blood Eagle article before, but it's nice how they list the info from the Norse Sagas, too.
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What do you mean by 'Official' run websites?
Mostly sites that have small little copyrights info at the bottom, if it don't have one there then the info might not be reliable...

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You can copyright anything, though.  I can make up a bunch of bullshit information and copyright it, wouldn't make it any more or any less reliable.

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wow this stuff is creeeeeeeppppy. Some of those medieval folks were effin twisted...geez
Your acting like your having a duel and your opponent gets a pistol and you get a spork.
Isn't that pretty much what it is? I dunno wtf a spork is, I suppose it's way weaker than the pistol since you compared that to this.

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No, it's called the Blood Eagle, mother ****er.


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I already went through that discussion with Gram.  Google both terms and see which comes up with most apt results?  "Butterfly Cut" gives jack-all.  (lol, jackall)

edit:  Not to mention the term that different saga's use translates to Blood Eagle, and makes no mention whatsoever of butterflies.

I find your year 9 social studies book just as, if not moreso questionable and biased than Wikipedia.  Especially given that it has no outside input.
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