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Pit of Doom


Pit of Doom

By Zakath

A Death themed map with 3 paths that has some mixed tactics like attacking on top shot the flag to low and escape low, or attack low shot the flag against wall so it bounces low escape low or high depending upon spawns also has flagthrowing possibilitys between the 3 paths

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This map is hosted by jrgp's Soldat Mapping Showcase

Map looks realy good, bout gameplay I cannot say anything now, coz I first have to download it :) Remembers me to ctf_Shadowlight because of the Pit, but otherwise it is selfcontained (particiuarly Texture and Paths).


#soldat.mapping ran a maptest in this map

The map might look pretty basic on first look. But at game it's very tactical and improvisative. What I found at our maptest, the player who spawns middle takes usually the middle route and the top spawn player takes top or bottom. That bridge next to flag works great, it's the key to all tactics. This map could be an example how much difference u can do by using bridges. Polygon work is nice, good multitexture, some of the big sceneries at background could be more transparent.


Bumpy bump!
This map looks like a great idea overall. Within my, Haste's and Vinteek suggestions, skilled mapper Puure created a remake!

Pit of Doom
(ctf_Pod remake by Puure)


- Polygons rework for smoother movement.
- Scenery rework for aesthetics enhancement.   
- Change of spawns, medkits, nadekits locations.
- Added 8 colliders for nade boosts.
- Pit is no longer a free fall to create more competitive environment.
- Fixed bridges scenery hiding player.
- Moved crucial scenery from Back to Front.

For the record: I did ask zakath for permission to edit it, and he said it's fine. :)

Ygrek Starmagedon:
Just 3 words : epic & playable map! :D


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