Author Topic: !Elite Saw vs Law Bug.  (Read 685 times)

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!Elite Saw vs Law Bug.
« on: October 19, 2008, 08:15:07 am »
Can someone please inform me of what this certain bug is or what it is doing?

Usually I get kicked from there because I forget to log in, then return to log in and things are gravy (Gravy = Alright or Solved) after with little discrepancy in regards to both my name and ping. Lately my ping has been good. On average below 100. But anyway, yesterday I was kicked and banned from the SvL server without as much as a word of why. So finding myself with a desire to play soldat even after my exile, I happen to see someone familiar from that server. He tells me that he was kicked from the same game that I was kicked from. But unlike my case (believing that it was for no reason) he mentions a bug being the reason for him getting kicked. I never really got the full scope of what he was talking about.

So I return again today to play in the same Saw vs Law game with a surprise that I am not banned. Some time after, the opposing team scores their second to last point. I play like usual. Before the last point comes about, I saw someone before me fire three consecutive rounds of a law while his eyes were evidently directed to whoever was beneath him on a bridge. Using this, I run over, unarmed as I often do to keep from being heard by people who do not have their eyes out for me, and punch him once to disarm him. I announce "I have the hack law" believing that someone else might have known about it as well. And then the next game begins.

Within less than a minute, I am kicked once more. Figuring how it was some fault of me not signing in as soon as I came in, like it usually was, I re-entered and, as a precaution, typed what I needed to log in. No response in the usual green text that appears at the top left of the screen. After this I am told by someone who is spectating to leave and I am abusing a bug and demanded to leave. I asked him (Or her. You never know) about what the bug did while saying in the same that I've only heard about the bug. The spectator's response is as simple as this.

"Bull ($h!+) and leave for 2 sec."

I assumed that the 2 sec was the time needed to ban me but I was not sure weather it was that or not. So I exit for that time then return with the intent of inquiring once more about the bug. But as my experiences of reasoning with people, or trying to find out what is up so that I can get up to date, have not gone so well especially since it seems they are more so content with what they want to believe. So I leave then and don't bother with it while figuring that a ban was meant to follow after my departure.

So aside from all that I have said, can someone please, if possible, tell me of this bug that is in that server? It's not like I wish to remain lost about what I am violating while being charged with offenses no one is pointing out for me.

Edit: I am going to search for any other topics possibly regarding this bug.

Date Posted: October 19, 2008, 08:57:22 am
Coming back from the server itself, it is like it is loaded with bugs. What went wrong?
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Re: !Elite Saw vs Law Bug.
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2008, 12:25:22 pm »
but here's a response to the parts I did read

The server is REALLY buggy atm. Freaks out every 20 minutes or so and people become bugged. The law part of your post was I think a hacker. I saw someone earlier today firing 3 shot laws and there is no bug like that.