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Public CTF Server Tools
« on: October 29, 2008, 01:39:17 pm »
Script Name: Public Server Tools
Script Description Tools for running a Public CTF Server
Author: zakath
Compile Test: Passed
Core Version: 2.6.3
Hosted by: Soldat Central -

Full Description:
A Script to use on Public CTF Servers
Contains the following functions
Team Balancer (with the possibility to bot balance so that its possible to guarantee say a 3vs3 game all the time).
Killing Sprees(with bonus Killing as flagger, firstblood and a spreetop)
Nextmap Voteing (for servers that have disabled normal voteing)
Censorship (Simple Censorship for a more enjoyable gameing experience)
Weapon Limitations(Limit for example how many m79 each team can use)

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