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Need advice for map? Want to test your map? #soldat.mapping is place for you


The channel consist of most of the best and active Soldat mappers of today, so feel free to join us.

CTF/INF/HTF/TDM/TW maptesting system

We have high quality gather like system for testing maps (thanks to zakath for coding/servers, to fubister for EU servers and to u13 for NA servers.

Want test your map? We upload maps using website. Ask channel operators for getting account, so you can upload map by your own (if you need help with uploading, feel free to ask it at #soldat.mapping).

The most important commands at using gather.

At channel:
!on - Euro ctf maptest normal
!ion - Euro inf maptest normal
!hon - Euro htf maptest normal
!don - Euro tdm maptest normal
!ron - Euro ctf maptest realistic
!ton - Euro tw maptest realistic
!oon - Euro Soldat 1.2.1 weaponmod gather (Soldat 1.5)

!ncon - NA ctf maptest normal
!noon - NA Soldat 1.2.1 weaponmod gather (Soldat 1.5)


!spam is command only for opted and voiced players. !spam advertises in other channels that we are running maptest soon and they could take a part in.

At server:
!map <mapname>

Updated topic:

The main new things during the last months:
-EU servers changed from .se to .de (TYs for servers to Fubister)
-Added two NA servers (TYs for U13 & jrgp)
-Updated map upload system (ask more at channel)
-Supporting more gamemodes

You don't happen to have any plans about putting realistic mode on for some gathers? Cause I like custom maps, but I don't understand this whole "normal mode" thing. I just can't see why anyone would play the game with settings that makes all the guns (except for M79, LAW and Barret) so unbelievably harmless.

already is you can start a realistic gather check out !modes command in the channel

Oh. I didn't know. Thanks.. I might pop in if I want to play some new interesting map then.


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