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New dedicated server (2.5.0)

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Michal Marcinkowski:
A new version of the dedicated server is available. This version was made by EnEsCe ( which is cooperating with me on this. So if you're a server admin grab this version now. Here is the list of changes:

Version 2.4.9 - 2.5.0

{fixed stuff}
- Fixed /kick & /ban command kicking an empty player slot.
- Fixed /unbanlast now unbans IP's banned via /banip aswell.
- Fixed players joining with blank names.
- Fixed gamestat.txt is updated when Server starts.
- Fixed Ban Timers.
- Fixed Server now cleans up when terminated via CTRL+C or any exceptions.

{added stuff}
- Added All-Seeing Eye Compatibility for Linux/Windows servers.
- Added Chat/Command flood protection. Players exceeding 8 Messages/Commands per second are flood kicked.
- Added admin console message for player kills. Change 'EchoKills=1' in Server.ini to Enable.
- Modified /loadcon command to load specific INI files. /loadcon xxx.ini
- Added command to send a Private Message to players. (Admin Only)
/pm # Message (Cannot use player names)
- Added 'MaxAdminConnections' to server.ini.
- Modified players lose 1 kill for typing /kill or /brutalkill.
- Added Global Mute command to mute players from talking completely.
/gmute ID /ungmute ID (Cannot use player names)
- Added Team Kill punishment. Enable by changing 'PunishTK=1' in soldat.ini
- Added map name to 'Map Not Found' console message.
- Added Anti-Hack to detect Mass-Flag cheat. Turn off in Server.ini by changing AntiTeleport=0.
- Added Linux Servers will clean up properly when terminated with TERM(15) or QUIT(3) signals.

edited by FliesLikeABrick
here's the download link

As I said in the old forum, glad to see such a new and improved dedicated server. Two questions though:

Doesn't the chat-flood kick seem too weak?
Does the PM appear as a server message for the recipent?

The chat-flood kick is fine, gotta keep clan-wars in consideration.
PM's appear as "[SERVER MESSAGE] (Private Message from #name$) Hey lol, I lol'd"

I like all of the new features, especially the cool pm addition.
While running my dedicated server I noticed that if i tried to change the game to realistic it would crash the server.
You may already be aware of this, or it may just be a problem on my end.
Nevertheless I thought it might be a good idea to say somthing about it.

Its fixed, patch soon.


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